3 Useful Tools To Create Interactive Learning Courses In E-Learning

When it comes to e-learning, interactive learning course is a common concept that professional e-learning developers are very familiar with. For e-learning beginners, you may want to know what is an interactive learning course and how to create it, right? In today’s article, we’ve compiled a list of 3 useful tools you can use to create your first interactive learning course in e-learning to get a professional look course quickly at low budget on cross platforms (Windows/ Mac or Linux).

Interactive learning course is a lesson that can actively engages the students to choose which topic they want to learn and give the students the opportunity to invest their time in their most interested topic instead of going through the whole boring course. Designing an interactive learning course with various scenarios and quizzes is a great chance for lecturers to make one course that works for all learners. Time and money saving is the most important benefit of creating such courses.

Key elements of interactive learning course
Key elements of interactive learning course – Image Credit: Ptotem

3 Useful Tools To Create Interactive Learning Courses In E-Learning

1. ActivePresenter

The first and most cost-effective tool to create interactive learning course we recommend to you is ActivePresenter, developed by Atomi System. This cross platform e-learning authoring software has every thing you need to design your first interactive courses easily without coding skill needed. The program includes all basic and advanced features for making complete fully responsive courses such as responsive layout, free themes and templates, various kinds of interactions, gestures, quizzes and son on. It supports SCORM, xAPI Tin Can.

Though ActivePresenter is free to use for non-commercial purpose, e-learning professional need to consider its license price as the HTML5 output (which is the basic requirement of interactive learning courses) will be watermarked. You’ll need to purchase professional license at $399 to remove the watermark. This is a one time payment license. So it is a great deal for those of you who are looking for a powerful authoring tool with limited budget. Take a look at this introduction video to learn more about ActivePresenter.

Download ActivePresenter here

2. Articulate Storyline 3

The next option we recommend you to try is Articulate Storyline 3, a stand-alone authoring tool of Articulate we’ve reviewed few months ago. This is not the most famous products of Articulate on the market. However, it has every thing you need to make your own interactive learning course at acceptable license price – $1398 per license, one time payment. Comparing with ActivePresenter, Articulate Storyline 3 has 3 times higher price. However, you will also get the character library in this tool and the possibility to interact with other Articulate’s products here.

Articulate Storyline 3 is available to try within 30 days as trial. Once you are happy with the tool, you’ll have to purchase it at $1398 as mentioned earlier. Take a look at this video to learn more about Articulate Storyline 3.

3. iSpring Suite

Another powerful and cost-effective program you can use to create interactive learning course is iSpring Suite, a product of iSpring Solution. This is not a stand-alone and feature rich authoring tool like ActivePresenter or Storyline 3. It is exactly an add-in of MS PowerPoint. However, the tool is capable of making complete responsive online training courses to upload to common LMS effortlessly. When we tested the program, we found that it is quite intuitive and easy to use. However, iSpring Suite still lacks of many important video editing features that we hope to get in a medium price computer program.

iSpring Suite is available to test drive within 14 days. After that, the license price comes in at $740 for the suite, lifetime. Be sure that you’ve already have a license for Microsoft PowerPoint before purchasing this software. Look at this introduction video to learn more about iSpring Suite.

So you have the tool, right? Let’s start making your first interactive learning course and share with us what you think about each program. We always love to hear from you.

Are There Any Other Tool You Can Use?

Wondering why there are only 3 tools in this post, right? It’s the matter of time! Though we’ve reviewed more than 50 free and paid e-learning authoring software, we only recommend to you the best ones. If you need to get our detail review about any of the above mentioned programs, don’t hesitate to contact us any time.



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