How To Record Video On The Screen Smoothly In Windows 10 Computer

ActivePresenter is the easiest screen recording tool you can use to record video on your Windows 10 computer without lag issues.

Once or another day, you may want to record a video on your Windows 10 computer screen, but you don’t know how to record it smoothly with no lag. Let’s take a look at these simple tips to get things done perfectly. As you see in the video tutorial, it’s very simple to start and stop recording a video from your computer screen with ActivePresenter, a free screen recorder for Windows and Mac, created by Atomi Systems. Though ActivePresenter is powerful yet simple to use, many beginners don’t know how to start and stop recording with ActivePresenter for the first time using it. That’s why we publish this short tutorial post for you.

Take away tips: How To Record Video On Windows 10 Computer Smoothly?

I may assume that you already downloaded and installed ActivePresenter on your computer. All you want to know is how to record a video smoothly. Remember to follow these take away tips:

  1. Close all other running applications: Remember to close all other unnecessary running applications before you hit recording button. As normally, screen recording work need to use a lot of resource on your CPU and GPU. Your recording quality depends very much on your hard ware specification. Don’t run ActivePresenter at the same time with other applications to avoid lag.
  2. Check your storage capacity before you start: If you’re going to record a short video tutorial, you don’t need to care about this issue. Since the captured video size will not so big. But, if you are going to record a very long video such as 40 minutes or 1 hour video, than you should always double check your storage capacity to avoid lacking of empty space which can produce an error after finish recording.
  3. Enable Auto Save: Once you have finished the recording, remember to save the project before you start your editing work. The best way is to enable auto save function to avoid losing the project.

That’s all the tips you need to record video on your Windows 10 computer smoothly with ActivePresenter. Please refer to our detail review of ActivePresenter if you want to learn more about this all-in-one program.

Good luck!







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