FilmoraPro Review: Pros, Cons and Where to Download

FilmoraPro is a brand new product of Wondershare, released few weeks ago. This program includes professional tools that allow you to control more of your video editing experiences. The feature sets for FilmoraPro and Filmora9 are totally different. We spent days testing this program in various scenarios and here’s our honest review of FilmoraPro. Check out this post to see its pros, cons and pricing plan.

FilmoraPro Review
FilmoraPro Review

If you’re a user of Filmora 8 or Filmora9, welcome! Your license has nothing related to this product. Just continue using your software. From my point of view, there’s no reason to spend your money on a very similar software of the same company for the same purposes. Here are some major differences among them.

Before I get into my detail review, the first thing I want to grab your attention is about the reason why should they (Wondershare) release FilmoraPro.

Here’s my thought!

When it comes to video editing, Filmora video editor has been addressed to be an easy-to-use software for novices and casual users for years. In fact, it’s true that anyone can learn Filmora in minutes. Added to that, Filmora video editor license price is really a bargain. It’s only $59.99 per lifetime license. That’s way cheaper than other professional video editing suite on the market now.

However, this program lacks of some important advanced video editing features for professional uses such as motion tracking, masking tools, 360 degree video editing and the option to render video in batch. We’ve once mentioned these pros in our detail review of Filmora at this post.

If Wondershare wants to attract more professional video editors to use their product, obviously, they have to fulfill missing features. And this is the official answer of Wondershare to the community. Instead of adding more features and increase the price of existing product, they created a brand new one and sell for 3 times more expensive than the old one.

By doing this, Wondershare can keep their own users and attract more users simultaneously. Their targeted customers are now separated into Normal users and Professional users. If you’re considering to buy Filmora, at first, consider yourself what kind of user you are so that you don’t waste your time and money.

Getting Started

FilmoraPro’s start page looks very similar to Filmora9, meaning you can choose to create a new project or open an existing one. There is an option to access the drop down menu to pull out project setting options here. But, that’s not necessary as you can do it later in the Workspace.

FilmoraPro Simplified Start Page
FilmoraPro Start Page

When you’re in, the Workspace looks similar to the interface of other professional video editing programs we’ve reviewed: busy and messy stuff with lots of unnecessary icons. Luckily, FilmoraPro lets you organize this freaking stuff yourself. You can customize the workspace as what you want to via drag-n-drop actions. Take a look at below screenshot!

FilmoraPro Workspace
FilmoraPro Workspace

How do you think? A copy of Adobe Premiere Pro?

I know what you’re thinking now. Where are the big buttons that you love in Filmora9? Why do they have to create such a complicated software? What’s it for? I do have the same question like you. However, when I start creating my first test project, I realized some key points of the program. Here’s FilmoraPro pros:

FilmoraPro Pros

  • Though the interface looks busy, you’re able to customize it. You can choose what you want to show on the layout.
  • You can edit unlimited video/audio tracks with this video editor. This means the program is capable of handling larger projects than its simple version. Actually, Filmora9 also lets you add up to 100 video/audio tracks to the timeline. This is not a huge difference between normal and professional version.
  • Proxy workflow lets you preview your project at lower resolution which is very helpful for those who don’t have a high-end computer. Added to that, when testing the program, I found out that this program also works fine on one of my commercial laptops (low-end one).
  • You can import your footage into Media Library and organize it like the way you want to. Adding your own library is also possible. This feature is similar to other professional film editor I’ve review such as Davinci Resolve, Lighworks or Vegas Pro. It’s useful when you want to have more control of your raw footage before deliver them to your team.
FilmoraPro Media Library
FilmoraPro Media Library
  • Video effects, audio effects, transitions are now included inside the program. You don’t have to access an online library to download a new effect for your project any more. Purchasing this video editor, you don’t have to worry about paying more money for the effect library like what you often do in their simple version.
FilmoraPro Effects
FilmoraPro Effects
FilmoraPro License Price
FilmoraPro License Price

These are FilmoraPro pros from what I learned. But, there are always disadvantages inside a software. FilmoraPro is not an exception.

FilmoraPro Cons

  • The first thing I notice is the lack of advanced video editing features. Though the company boasted to let users have more control on the project and give users all tools they need like others, it does not give you motion tracking feature and masking tools yet. Think about this cons if you are a fan of Adobe Premiere Pro.-> Updated: in the latest version, it has motion tracking and free hand masking tool now.
  • Compare to other existing video editing suite on the market, you’ll have to figure out how to use the program yourself. There are not many tutorial videos on YouTube now.
  • Once you finished the project, you’ll need to create an account to be able to export the project no matter which version you’re using. This means that the company can collect your personal information. Consider this cons when you have sensitive information on your machine.
Login is needed to export videos
Login is needed to export videos

As I am still making some more tests to figure out more cons in this program. This post will be updated in near future. For now, you can download FilmoraPro and try it yourself to see how it works. Share with us what you found to help us provide more precise information to our readers like you.

If you want to try FilmoraPro yourself, click the link below to download and install it for free.

FilmoraPro Getting Started Video

Do We Recommend This Software?

For old Filmora users: Stay calm! This is not worth switching from Filmora 9 to this new product.

For new users: Yes, We recommend you using this software. It’s worth to try.

I hope this piece of information is helpful for you. If you have any question about this program, don’t hesitate to ask. We can discuss here!

Don’t forget to follow us to keep up with our latest news.

Good luck!


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