Filmora X v.s FilmoraPro: What are The Differences?

In this article, I will point out all the key differences between Filmora X (formally Filmora9) and FilmoraPro to help you decide which one is right for you. Being mentioned that, both programs are designed by Wondershare, a Chinese based company, which is offering many different types of software, not just these two video editor.

Both software are relatively easy to use, lightweight, and stable in operation. Compared to other video editing software, these are my two favorite ones when it comes to making videos for YouTube and for my clients.

Added to that, both software are not completely free, although you can easily download and install them on your computer, but when publishing videos, the wondershare logo will appear. To remove that logo, you must purchase a license. Luckily, their license prices are not as expensive as other software. If you want to learn more about them, click the link below to read my detail review of Filmora X and FilmoraPro on this website:

Okay! Let’s get into the detail!

Key Differences Between Filmora X and FilmoraPro

#1: Targeted to different users

Filmora X: Beginners and Intermediate Users

Although both are intended for video making, each is designed for different uses. Filmora X is designed for beginners such as YouTubers or the people who just make videos for fun. Therefore, it is very simple to use. Right from the start, new users can quickly learn how to make a video using Filmora X. You won’t need to watch the tutorial for a whole month before you actually start working on making your own videos. Filmora X has many built-in templates and presets you can use to speed up your video creation too. Take a look at my Filmora X tutorial for beginners to learn more about it:

FilmoraPro: Advance Video Editors

FilmoraPro is the opposite of Filmora X. It is more difficult to use, requires more hardware and especially takes more time to do anything such as adding text title, video effect and will take more time than just drag and drop actions in Filmora X. But in return, you have more freedom to customize the effects you add to your videos. FilmoraPro also requires steeper learning curve than Filmora X. It will take a lot of time to learn the program if you don’t have basic video editing knowledge. That’s why I think this software is for advance users instead of beginners. Sounds scary, right? Indeed it is so. However, once you have overcome your fear and have the patience to learn new things, the rewards will be rich. Because FilmoraPro has a lot of things that Filmora X doesn’t like free hand mask, color wave form, video keyframe, partial timeline export option and more. Below tutorial is an example.

#2: Huge price difference

Both program’s pricing plans are very affordable and flexible compare to other similar video editors on the market. But, there is a huge difference between them.

Filmora X single license is $ 69.99 perpetual price/ one time payment only. Of course, there is annual plan option and business bundle you can consider too. But, this is the most popular option many people have selected. Compared to FilmoraPro’s $ 149.99 price tag there is a huge difference here. If you’re about to start making YouTube Videos, money is big deal with you, Filmora X is my recommendation for you. It is cheaper and powerful enough for making any kind of YouTube videos. If you’ve been on YouTube for a while and your channel got monetized, or you got more inquiries from your client, then FilmoraPro is a software that you can consider to refine your project and upgrade it to the next levels.

All in all, choosing which software depends very much on your budget and your purpose of use. If you decide to buy one of them, Filmora X or FilmoraPro, keep in mind that I special discount coupon codes for both of them. Just follow the links below:

  • 20% Off Filmora X for Windows Discount Coupon Code. This special offer helps you save $14 when you buy Filmora X for Windows. The original price was $69.99. Now is $55.96 only. Click here to view coupon detail.
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  • 15% Off FilmoraPro Lifetime License Discount coupon code. You can save $22.50 when you use this code. Normal price was $149.99. Now is $127.49 only. Click here to view detail.

#3: Key Features

If you look at the list of features of Filmora X and FilmoraPro, you may see some similar names like motion tracking, animation keyframe or masking tool and so on. But, they are actually not the same. In my opinion, Filmora X and FilmoraPro are totally different software. I will not do one-on-one comparison about the features. Instead, I will point out the features that are included in FilmoraPro that Filmora X does not have.

  • FilmoraPro has free hand mask while Filmora X has preset mask only.
  • FilmoraPro has more advance color correction tool with color waveform, vector scope etc.
  • FilmoraPro has keyframe for everything while Filmora X has animation keyframe only (control scale, position, rotation and opacity of video and image only).
  • FilmoraPro’s motion tracking feature gives you more control of the tracked objects.
  • FilmoraPro has batch export options and timeline selection export option while Filmora X does not have.
  • FilmoraPro lets you undock the preview window and move it to the 2nd monitor while Filmora X can not do it.
  • FilmoraPro lets you synchronize the audio automatically while you have to do it manually in Filmora X.

These are just some of the differences in features of these programs. There are many things more. By the way, I will not list out all of them here. You can also read below comparison from Wondershare for reference too.

Bottom Line

In short, both Filmora X and FilmoraPro are great software for making videos. Just select the one that suite your need and your budget. I have both of them installed on my computer. And to be honest, I use Filmora X so much more than FilmoraPro because I love to make video quickly instead of spending days creating just a special effect for my YouTube videos. Again, it’s you to decide which software is best for your need.

I hope the information in this post can help you make your own decision. If you have any question about them, leave your comment here or contact me via email here. If you want to buy any of them, don’t forget to use my special discount coupon code to save your money! Download free version of Filmora X and Filmora Pro through the links below:


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