How To Design Interactive Elearning Courses Using ActivePresenter?

ActivePresenter is a powerful elearning authoring software you can use to design interactive elearning courses, pack your project in SCORM or xAPI, and upload to your local host service or LMSes. It includes all necessary tools for creating engaging content with multi media, animations, and actions.

In this article, we are going to share with you everything you need to know about Atomi ActivePresenter. At the end of the day, you’ll know what the software is about, and how to use it effectively. And most importantly, how to design your first interactive elearning courses using ActivePresenter.

ActivePresenter Overview (Introduction video from Atomi)

4 Benefits of Using ActivePresenter

ActivePresenter Key Features

Elearning Courses Examples (Created By ActivePresenter)

You can check sample elearning courses which were created by ActivePresenter right inside the program, or check them on Atomi’s home page.

ActivePresenter Elearning Examples

How to design Interactive Elearning Courses Using ActivePresenter?

1. Getting Started

In order to design an interactive elearning course with ActivePresenter, you’ll need to decide which type of content you want to produce. If you need to create a responsive course, follow below tutorial to getting started.


  • Create a new responsive project.
  • Convert non-responsive project to responsive one.

For most users, create a blank project is more convenient than a responsive one. Check out this tutorial below.


  • Different ways to insert a blank project.
  • Changing slide size.
  • Adding slides to the project.
  • Preview the project

Alternatively, you can also import your PowerPoint Slides into ActivePresenter.


  • Import PowerPoint Slides to create new project.
  • Import PowerPoint Slides into an existing one.

2. Choose a theme/template in ActivePresenter


  • Choose a theme.
  • Preview Theme.
  • Customize theme.
  • Save theme for later project.

3. Create A Software Simulation Using ActivePresenter


  • Record software simulation with steps.
  • Add interactions.
  • Export project into HTML5 in SCORM or xAPI.

4. Record a video demonstration using ActivePresenter


  • Record full-motion video on the screen.
  • Add annotations, zoom and pan effect, closed caption, texts and so on.

5. Creating Elearning Quizzes using ActivePresenter

True/ False Question

Multiple Choice Question

Creating Drag-n-drop question using ActivePresenter

6. Working with Events and Actions in ActivePresenter


  • How to use events, actions to make objects interactive in ActivePresenter.

7. Preview Contents on HTML5 and Export Projects to 4 Operation Modes


  • Preview your project in HTML5 before packing it.
  • How to export HTML5 project in 4 operation modes (Demo, Tutorial, Practice, and Test).

Bottom line

This article is designed for beginners who are about to design their first interactive elearning courses without correct guidance from their mentors. I hope it helps you figure out the basic steps to create an elearning course from start to finish. If you have any question about the above mentioned tutorials, don’t hesitate to contact me any time. I am here to help.

For more information about the system compatibility, features, course examples, advance tutorials, pricing detail and so on, you can simply visit Atomi Systems home page (creator of ActivePresenter).

Click this link to read my detail review of ActivePresenter 7 (latest version of ActivePresenter).

Download ActivePresenter



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