Top 5 Chroma Key Software For Windows 10

Chroma key software plays an important role in video creation. It’s one of the most common used features filmmakers use to make Hollywood blockbuster movies. That’s not to mention the advantages of using chroma key for TV shows, weather forecast and many other kind of videos.

You may notice that many professional video editing software like Adobe Premiere Pro CC, Final Cut Pro, Lightworks, or Hitfilm does have decent chroma key feature. However, these programs are very expensive, and seems out of the reach for most amateur video makers.

In this article, I am going to share with you top 5 best chroma key software for Windows 10 which are free and affordable for everyone. All programs in this list are carefully tested in consideration of its usability, feature-rich package, short learning curve, online tutorial resources and most importantly, have affordable pricing plan.

Chroma key software for Windows 10
Chroma key software for Windows 10

1. Best Free Chroma Key Software For Windows 10 – VSDC Free Video Editor

On top of the list is VSDC free video editor. This software has been known as one of the best free video editor for Windows for years. The programs comes along with all necessary video editing tools, tons of advance features, video and audio effects, drawing tools and more. It supports 4k editing, plus 360 degree video editing, compatible with  all Windows version, 32 bit and 64 bit.

With VSDC, you are free to use all the features, including its chroma key. Major advantages of using VSDC free video editor are: 4k editing, various input, output formats, no watermark on exported videos, packed with loads of annotation tools for making educational videos.

How to use chroma key in VSDC Free Video Editor?

To remove green screen background of your video with VSDC, follow the steps in below tutorial:


  • Download VSDC Free Video Editor and install it on your computer.
  • Drag your green screen footage into the timeline.
  • Right click on the track->video effect->background remover-> Use the color picker to choose select the green background you want to remove.
  • Adjust the tolerance to get better quality.
  • Export your video into specific formats that suite your need.

2. Best Affordable Chroma Key Software For Windows 10 – Filmora9

Filmora9 is a user-friendly video editing software, designed for novices and casual users. The program is packed with loads of preset titles, video/audio effects and ready-to-use transitions. It’s not as powerful as Adobe Premiere Pro CC in some aspects. But, if your only concern is chroma key feature, then Filmora9 definitely does it well. With Filmora9, you can remove all the green background in your video with 1 click, instead of moving around your cursor like other tools.

Major advantages of using Filmora9 are user-friendly interface, simple-to-use workflow and load of presets. With Filmora9, its multiple track timeline editor does allow you to have more control on your story board. Added to that, Filmora9 can work properly on low-end computer, or laptop.

How to use chroma key feature in Filmora9?

Step tutorial video is available on my channel.


  • Download and install Filmora9 on your computer.
  • Create a new blank project.
  • Drag your footage into the timeline.
  • Double clicks on top of the track, check the box “Chroma key”. The video editor will automatically detect the green color and remove it from your video. You can also use the color picker to remove other color if you want.
  • Adjust the tolerance, offset, edge thickness and feather to get better quality as you wish.
  • Finally, export your video and save it to your computer, or you can choose to upload directly to YouTube if you want.

Pricing detail:

  • Free version is available. The output will be watermarked.
  • $59.99 for lifetime license, for personal use.

Bonus: Use this coupon code to save you $20 when you purchase Filmora9 at Wondershare online store now.

3. Best Chroma Key Software For Online Trainers – ActivePresenter

ActivePresenter is a famous screencast software and elearning authoring tool which has been used by millions of online trainers, and content creators for years. It’s my go-to software when it comes to making YouTube videos and interactive eLearning courses. The program provides powerful tools for making educational videos, software review, product demonstrations, and software simulation and so many things more. Removing green screen background in your video using ActivePresenter is as simple as two program I mentioned earlier in this list.

Major advantages of ActivePresenter are its user-friendly interface which looks similar to MS PowerPoint, short learning curve, hundreds of amazing features for creating online training courses, or interactive elearning courses.

How to use chroma key feature in ActivePresenter?

This tutorial on my channel will guide your through 3 simple steps to remove green (or any other color) in your video easily.


  • Download ActivePresenter and install it on your computer.
  • Create a blank project from its start page.
  • Drag your green screen footage into the preview canvas.
  • Click on top of the track on the timeline. Look for green screen effect at the right property pane. Pick the color you want to remove and you’re done.

4. Best Open Source Free Chroma Key Software For Windows 10 – Shotcut

Honestly speaking, I am not a huge fan of open source programs. Since I always love to get prompt technical support from the seller whenever I face a technical issue. Most open source programs don’t provide such kind of technical support service. Shotcut has the same story. The good thing is it’s completely free to use without any feature restriction. Chroma key feature in Shotcut does the job perfectly.

Major advantages of using Shotcut are friendly user interface, support different input/output formats, loads of effects, and most importantly no watermark on the exported result. You can use it for either personal or commercial purposes without paying anything.

When using Shotcut, I also found out that sometimes it doesn’t work as I expected. If you meet the same issues in Shotcut, I would love to hear from you down at the comment section below.

How to use chroma key in Shotcut?

In order to learn everything about Shotcut, take a look at this useful tutorial from Teacher’s Tech channel. He explained very well about this cross-platform software. If chroma key is your only concern, just skip it to 21:00 minute to watch the tutorial.


  • Download and install Shotcut on your computer.
  • Create a blank project.
  • Import your green screen footage into the editor.
  • Add Chroma key: simple in the video effect tab. Pick the color you want to remove. (Try again if it doesn’t work).

5. Best Free Chroma Key Software For Serious Movie Makers – Davinci Resolve

Last, but not least is one of my favorite free, no watermark video editing suite, Davinci Resolve. This is one of the most powerful free video editor I’ve tried. It has everything you need to create professional looking movies. Davinci Resolve offers a wide array of editing video, color grading, audio mixing, title creator, plus hundreds of decent video editing features that you can’t see in any of the above mentioned video editors.

Major disadvantages in Davinci Resolve are steep learning curve and its system requirements. You will need a powerful PC/ laptop to edit video smoothly with Davinci Resolve. Take a look at the latest updates of Davinci Resolve in below video to see how amazing this program is.

Bottom line

Above are our list of the best free and affordable chroma key software for Windows 10. Off course, there are other options available on the market now. I would not recommend  you to try a software as it depends very much on your need and your budget. I hope you enjoy the information in this post. Please leave your thoughts down at the comment section to share with me your experience. For those of you who want to read more useful tips about video editing, elearning, screencasting., etc, consider to subscribe to our mailing list to keep you updated with our future posts.

Good luck!


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