ActivePresenter Free vs Paid Versions: Feature Comparison

Want to know the differences between ActivePresenter free and paid version? You’re at the right place now. In this article, I will point out the differences between Atomi ActivePresenter free vs paid versions (Standard and Pro).

ActivePresenter Free vs Paid Version
ActivePresenter Free vs Paid Version

What is ActivePresenter?

ActivePresenter is a powerful screencasting software, designed by Atomi Systems. It’s a desktop program which requires download and installation before you can getting started. ActivePresenter has three main parts i.e screen recorder, video editor, and authoring tool. All these functions are integrated one download package, meaning you’ll be able to try all ActivePresenter’s features once you have it installed on your machine.

  • ActivePresenter screen recorder is capable of recording your computer screen in different modes, record your voice-over, and your webcam at the same time, or separately. The tool is lightweight, and simple to use enough for any user level.
  • ActivePresenter video editor lets you cut, trim unwanted part of your videos, add different kinds of annotations (shapes, text, images, arrows, numbers etc) to the recorded videos, or existing ones.
  • ActivePresenter authoring tool allows instructional designers to add interactions, quizzes, click able buttons, variable, and so many things more to create completed elearning courses.

What are the differences between free and paid versions of ActivePresenter?

All in all, the only difference you need to consider when using ActivePresenter free version is Atomi Systems license terms. In this document, the company clearly stated that their free edition is for personal & non-commercial use only.

That’s not to mention about ActivePresenter’s watermark when you use some advance features which are green screen effect, audio fade in/out, noise reduction, blur effect, and HTML5 export options etc.

Other than that, everything is free to use, including the ability to export videos into MP4, AVI, MKV, and load of useful features which you can’t see in any other free training programs.

Here is the screenshot of ActivePresenter feature comparison:

ActivePresenter free vs paid

How about technical support if you use free version?

Normally, you will not receive technical support service when you use free software. That’s very common across the internet world. The same story happens when you use ActivePresenter free version. Officially, the company have the rights to reject your technical support requests if you’re using their free version.

It’s not big deal in this case as there is a community for ActivePresenter users to post your questions. This community is not limited to paid users only, it’s open for all users. All you need is to register an account with only your email address, and you’re free to discuss anything here.

Atomi Community

Who should purchase ActivePresenter paid versions, and how much does it cost?

Of all the things I mentioned earlier, if you’re new to ActivePresenter, I highly suggest that you download and install ActivePresenter free version on your computer to double check all its features, ease of use, system compatibility etc. Once you’re happy with the software, you can consider to purchase ActivePresenter Standard, or Pro version. It depends on what kind of content you want to make, what is your targeted audience, how much is your budget and so on.

ActivePresenter Pricing Detail

Below is my advice:

  • ActivePresenter standard version (edition) lifetime license is $199. This version is suitable for those of you who are going to make online training videos, software tutorials, product reviews, and other formats that are related to videos such as software reviewers, tutorial makers, online trainers, teachers etc.
  • ActivePresenter Pro version, $399 per lifetime license, is the advance edition of Standard edition. It’s suitable for those of you who want to create online training courses in HTML5 formats (being able to upload to LMS, local servers, website etc). In this version, you can also create SCORM, or xAPI package with it.

Bottom line

I hope this piece of information is helpful for those of you who are new to ActivePresenter, or ActivePresenter’s free users. If you have any question about ActivePresenter, don’t hesitate to contact me any time. I am here to help you!

For new users, download ActivePresenter here to start creating your amazing tutorials for free.

For existing users, if you’re going to purchase ActivePresenter paid versions, don’t forget to check their pricing plan for education, and government, as well as volume discount pricing detail. You can get a huge discount if you buy multiple licenses one time. Click here to check for ActivePresenter’s pricing detail!

If you want to learn more about ActivePresenter, my detail review is here!

Want to watch my ActivePresenter’s tutorials on YouTube, click here!



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  1. I have a problem. I set the FRAMES PER SECOND to 60. However during recording, it fluctuates. Recording begins at 14 or 20 and stabilizes at 7. As a result, I get semi-slow motion movement on the recording. It is not life like. How can I fix this?

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