8 Best Screencast Software For Windows 10 – Free & Paid

Best Screencast Software

8 Best Screencast Software For Windows 10

Screencast software comes in handy when you want to record your computer’s screen to create videos, or online training content. In this article, I will cover the list of 8 best screencast software for Windows 10 you can try now. 

Part 1: Top 5 Best All-in-one Screencast Software For Windows 10

These screencast software are the best programs for those of you who need to record video on the screen, and edit the recording with a video editor. They are perfect for making online tutorials, product demos, or training videos.

1. ActivePresenter

ActivePresenter is an all-in-one screencast software, which is designed for making software tutorials, software simulations, product demo videos, and elearning content. With ActivePresenter, you can record your computer’s screen in different modes, which can be full screen, locked application, or a customized area on your computer screen. You can also enable webcam recording function, audio from microphone, or HDMI devices too. Once you finish your recording, you can also add annotations (texts, callouts), cut, and trim unwanted parts in your project. Finally, export your project in MP4, MKV, WebM, MOV, or HTML5.

Key features

  • Record your computer screen, with webcam, audio from microphone, and system sound in 1080p.
  • Cut, trim, delete unwanted part in your recording.
  • Add, and customize mouse cursor path, mouse cursor effect.
  • Add annotations, animations, remove green screen, convert text to speech, add blur effect, spotlight effect, close caption and so on.
  • Build elearning quizzes, add interactions, feedback etc.
  • Export video in MP4, AVI, MKV, or MOV.
  • Export your project in SCORM 2004, or xAPI Tin Can.

Pricing Detail

  • Free version for non-commercial use.
  • $199 for ActivePresenter Standard Version (Mostly used for screencasting).
  • $399 for ActivePresenter Pro Version (Mostly used for designing eLearning courses).

Special note: Though there are different versions, pricing plans, ActivePresenter has only 1 download package for all of them. Click here to learn more about ActivePresenter!

2. Camtasia

The next screencast software for Windows 10 I want to recommend to you is Camtasia of TechSmith. This software has been the industry standard when it comes to screencasting, and making online training videos. The only downside of Camtasia, is of course, its license price. Out of that, it’s a very powerful screencast software, simple to use program, lightweight tool, full of advance video editing features, tons of pre-built templates, annotations, and callouts. Watch my below overview video to learn more about Camtasia.

Key features

  • Record computer’s screen in full HD quality, 30 fps.
  • Capture webcam, audio from external devices, mouse cursor, keyboard shortcut.
  • Add annotations, behavior, keyframe animation.
  • Edit multiple tracks, add video effect, transition.
  • Basic color grading tool, chroma key, build quizzes, and survey.
  • Export videos into different formats, HTML output.

Pricing Detail

  • 30 days free trial.
  • $249 per lifetime license.

Special note: Camtasia 2109 is the latest version of Camtasia. The program is free to download and trial within 30 days. After this period, you’ll need to purchase a license to continue using the software. Click here to learn more about Camtasia!

3. Movavi Screen Recorder Studio

Movavi screen recorder studio is a comprehensive toolkit for screen video capturing, editing and sharing. The program is compatible with my Windows 10 64 bit laptop. If you have the same system, go ahead to give it a try. This is another great all-in-one screencast software you can use to make screencast videos, software tutorials, product demos and more. With Movavi Screen Recorder Studio, you are able to record screen video up to 60 fps, cut, trim, merge clips, add video effect to your recording, or connect it with other clips you have on your computer.

Movavi Screen Recorder Studio
Movavi Screen Recorder Studio

Key features

  • Record screen in different modes i.e full screen, customized area with your webcam, system sound, audio from the microphone.
  • Record mouse cursor effect, keyboard shortcut, schedule recording.
  • Edit your recording in Movavi video editor (a basic timeline video editor for novices and casual users).
  • Add video effects, correct color of your project, remove green screen, background noise, shaky camera etc.
  • Export videos into different formats, and upload to sharing platforms directly.

Pricing detail

  • 7 days free trial.
  • $59.95 per lifetime license.

Download & Installation:

4. OBS Studio

OBS Studio is a free and open source screencast software for Windows 10, and other operating systems i.e Mac, or Linux. This program is completely free to use like many other open source programs you see on the internet. It’s capable of record everything on your computer’s screen, broadcast live streaming, taking screenshot, remove green screen in your video, add image, text to your recording, trimming a part of your recording etc. Compare to above mentioned programs, OBS Studio is a little bit more complicated, and in stable. However, it’s 100% free to use. Don’t hesitate to try it if you’re not going to invest your money on a screencasting software.

OBS Studio Home Page

Key features

  • Record anything on your computer screen.
  • Taking screenshot.
  • Live streaming to YouTube, Facebook, Twitch.
  • Cut, trim your recording.
  • Add image, text to your recording, remove green screen.

Pricing plan

  • Free

Special note: OBS Studio is an open source program, which means that the features are developed by the community. The good thing is more features will be updated. The bad thing is the performance is not always stable.

5. Wondershare Filmora

Wondershare Filmora is a simple to use video editor, which is designed for making travel videos, vlogs, YouTube content etc. The program comes up with tons of ready to use video effect, presets and elements, which you can easily add to your project by drag and drop action. This video editor does have a built-in screen recorder, which is also a good option for those of you who want to create online training videos, software tutorials, or software reviews.

Filmora’s built-in screen recorder is capable of recording full HD video from your computer’s screen up to 60 fps. It also gives you some options to change your cursor effect, customize your webcam, or schedule your recording too. Compare to above mentioned programs, Filmora’s screen recorder is not as powerful as them. The good thing is you can use this screen recorder along with Filmora video editor at no cost at all.

If you want to learn more about this software, don’t forget to visit my channel‘s playlist – Filmora tutorials.

Filmora Screen Recorder
Filmora Screen Recorder

Key features

  • Record your computer screen, webcam, and audio.
  • Select mouse cursor effect, stop recording time.
  • Use hotkey to stop recording.
  • Edit your recording with Filmora video editor.

Pricing detail

Part 2: Top 3 Best Lightweight Screencast Software for Windows 10

These programs are the most lightweight tools I’ve found on the net. They are not as powerful as above mentioned all-in-one screencast software, though simple to use, and affordable for those of you who don’t really need a video editor for your work.

6. Snagit

Snagit is one of the best screen capture software for Windows, Mac I’ve reviewed. The program offers a wide array of screenshot options for content creators, or tutorial makers. If you need a screen capture software, Snagit is definitely the best one you can try. Watch my detail review of Snagit down below to understand more about it.

For screencasting, Snagit comes along with an easy-to-use, and lightweight screen recorder, which lets you record your computer’s screen with audio in different modes i.e full screen, or customized part. You can also trim out unwanted part of your recording in Snagit’s editor once you finish, or create a GIF file if you want.

Compare to above mentioned all-in-one screencast programs, Snagit is not as convenient to use as them. However, it is more powerful in taking screenshots, and its screen recorder performs well on any low-end laptop, Windows, or Mac. I highly recommend you to try this tool if your don’t really need video editing features. Here’s the different between Snagit and Camtasia:

Key features

  • Record screen video in different mode with audio, and mouse cursor.
  • Record your webcam separately.
  • Powerful screenshot tools for making operational document.
  • Decent image editor with load of special effect, callouts, step annotations, and stamps.

Pricing detail

7. Bandicam

Bandicam is another lightweight, high quality screencast software for Windows 10 users to try in our list. This screencast software offers load of screen recording options such as record various 2D/3D games with 4K UHD Video and capture up to 144 FPS Video, record external video devices such as a webcam, Xbox/PlayStation, smartphone, IPTV, etc. Detail review of Bandicam is here!

Record Minecraft with Bandicam
Record Minecraft With Bandicam

Key features

  • Record high fps game-play, up to 144fps 2D/3D games.
  • Save video in AVI, MP4 formats.
  • Has real-time drawing tools.
  • Record video from different external devices.
  • Record mouse cursor, mouse clicks effects.
  • Customize hotkeys.

Pricing detail

  • Free version with watermark on the recording which is longer than 10 minutes.
  • $39 per lifetime, 1 PC. Click here to learn more!

8. Mirillis Action Screen Recorder

Another great lightweight screencast software for Windows 10 I want to put in my list is Mirillis Action Screen Recorder. This program is capable of both recording and streaming game-play at the same time. It’s one the best alternatives to OBS Studio, or Bandicam for Windows 10 users. Take a look at this detail review to learn more about Action Screen Recorder.

Key features

  • Simple to use, and lightweight screen recorder for recording video games.
  • Record everything on your computer screen in super HD quality.
  • Remove green screen background.
  • Record and live streaming in 4k quality, real time drawing tools.
  • Add logo, bench mark to your videos.
  • Hardware acceleration for smooth video recording.
  • Control your recording with android app.
  • Add live audio commentary to your recording.

Pricing detail

Bottom line

Though there are many other powerful screencast software for Windows 10 I’ve noticed, these are my best picks. I hope this piece of information is helpful for you in selecting a good screencast software for your work. If you have any question about these programs, or need a discount coupon code for any of the above mentioned programs, don’t hesitate to contact me any time.

Affiliate links disclosure: There are affiliate links in this post. We will earn a small commission from the publisher, if you purchase any software via these links. 




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