Filmora9 vs Filmora Pro: Which One Is Right For You?

Filmora 9 and Filmora Pro are both great products of Wondershare. These video editors are affordable and powerful enough for making videos whether you are at beginner level or professional one. In this article, I am going to point out the differences between Filmora 9 and Filmora Pro to help you decide which edition is right for you.

Filmora9 vs FilmoraPro
Filmora9 vs FilmoraPro

Why Filmora9?

Filmora9 is a simple to use and affordable video editor which is designed for novices and casual users. It has been around on the market for about 9 years. Many YouTubers, travel vloggers love to use it because of its intuitive user interface, fast video rendering speed, and most importantly the ability to add title presets, transition and video effect easily. Its lifetime license price is $69.99 only which is one of the most affordable price on the market now.

I am also the one who often use Filmora9 to edit video on my channel. It’s handy and powerful enough for making different types of video content for uploading YouTube. Compare to other professional video editor like Adobe Premiere Pro or Final Cut Pro, Filmora9 lacks of some important features like motion tracking, free hand masking tools. And that’s not to mention the limitation of its color grading tool in this version. However, I am still happy with the program as the license price is way cheaper than the above expensive programs which give you some extra features that I’ve never use.

If you’re a YouTubers, travel vloggers or someone who don’t make Hollywood style movies, Filmora9 is all you need in my perspective. It’s easier to use than Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, Davinci Resolve and many other high end video editors on the market now. Take a look at this beginner tutorial to see how easy to use this program is:

Why FilmoraPro?

From time to time, there are so many people keep asking about motion tracking, free hand masking tool and advance color grading tool to be updated in Filmora9, Wondershare realized that they have to create a new product which can meet the demand of pro-level video editors who are switching to Adobe Premiere Pro or Final Cut because of the limitation in Filmora 9 as said above. That’s when FilmoraPro was released, a year ago – (This is just my personal opinion).

Okay! FilmoraPro offers dozen of advance editing features such as motion tracking, free hand mask, color waveform, color parade, vectorscope as well as audio synchronizing option. That’s not to mentioned about video and audio keyframe option and many things that Filmora 9 does not have. But, it’s not as simple to use as Filmora 9. FilmoraPro system requirement is higher than Filmora9 and it does not include hundreds of different preset templates for speeding up our editing process. Take a look at below screenshots of FilmoraPro key features:

Filmora9 and FilmoraPro On The Video Editing Market
Filmora9 and FilmoraPro On The Video Editing Market

Which version is better? Filmora9 or FilmoraPro?

For those of you who need light weight, and simple to use program, Filmora9 is your go to option. Being noticed that Filmora9 lifetime license is $69.99 only and you can get a special 20% off discount coupon code if you buy it from the links below.

FilmoraPro is designed for those of you who want to edit commercial videos which requires many advance editing tools. Its license is $149.99 one time payment, and you can get 15% off discount coupon code via our affiliate links too. Take a look at below screenshots (taken from Wondershare’s website) to understand more about the different between Filmora9 and Pro.

FilmoraPro and Filmora9 Discount Code

If you decide to purchase Filmora9, don’t forget to use my 31% off discount coupon code for Filmora9 lifetime license to save your money. Click the links below to get be redirected to Filmora9 order page and use this coupon code: 0D72EDCDD4

If you’re a Filmora9 user and want to purchase FilmoraPro, you will have chance to buy it at $99.99 only. All you need is to verify the email address you used to buy Filmora9 at Wondershare’s order page to get the discount price. Click here to view discount price detail.

If you are not a Filmora9 user and decide to buy FilmoraPro, don’t forget to use my 15% Off FilmoraPro Lifetime License Discount Coupon Code to save your money too. Click here to see this deal. Detail tutorial on how to get the coupon is in below video:

I hope to help you decide which software is right for you in this article. If you have any question, feel free to ask me any time.

Good luck!


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