ActivePresenter 8 Release Date and New Features Prediction

Update: ActivePresenter 8 is now released with lots of amazing features such as flex box, text animation and so many things more. Watch below my first reaction about ActivePresenter 8:

ActivePresenter 8 is going to be released in couple of weeks. It’s not a rumor anymore. Further to our talk with Atomi, the new version of ActivePresenter will be released by the end of this month, December 2019, or the first week of January 2020. There are still two different versions for Windows 64 bit and macOS in this new upgrade.

This information is not an official announcement of Atomi System. It’s just our personal prediction. But, most importantly, what can we expect in this new version of ActivePresenter.

ActivePresenter 8
ActivePresenter 8

ActivePresenter 8 New Features Prediction

As a long term affiliate partner of Atomi Systems, we have been notified about the estimated release date of ActivePresenter 8 which will definitely bring you more features, more animations, more presets, more built-in templates as well as faster HTML5 preview speed as well as increasing video rendering speed. Well, that’s what Atomi team told us. It’s not very clear about the new features. We will talk to them again later this week and keep you updated.

How about pricing plan of ActivePresenter 8?

Currently, ActivePresenter standard license is $199 perpetual license, and its pro version is $399 per installation. ActivePresenter free edition is still available. But, who know what will happen in the future. We have been using ActivePresenter 7 professional edition during the past 2 years without any complaint about its features and performance.

Should You Buy ActivePresenter 7 now or wait for the 8?

Many people asked me this question. They are worrying for many reasons. In my opinion, if you’re using ActivePresenter 7 free edition and want to upgrade to its paid version, go ahead purchase ActivePresenter 7 now. The price for ActivePresenter 8 will be similar, or higher for sure. Once you bought this version, you have 1 year free upgrade to new version as per the license terms stated clearly on Atomi’s home page. Honestly speaking, ActivePresenter 7 is everything you need to create tutorial videos and eLearning courses. Watch its introduction video again while you’re waiting for the next version.

Information about ActivePresenter 8 such as release date, new features, pricing detail will be updated in this post.

Good luck!


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