Filmora 9.3 New Features, Download Guide

I’ve downloaded Filmora 9.3, looked at its new features, tested its performance with several projects. Follow my tutorial videos to download Filmora 9.3 to your computer. Being noticed that this new version of Filmora is very similar to Filmora 9.2. You should finish your project with Filmora 9.2 prior to download and install Filmora 9.3 on your computer since your recent projects will be cleared during the installation.

How to download Filmora 9.3?

Key notes:

Filmora 9.3 New Features Example: New Titles, New Transition, LUTS effect

Check out these videos:

How is Filmora 9.3 Performance?

We did not see major improvement when looking at the performance of Filmora 9.3. It’s still the same with Filmora 9.2 from our personal opinion. The only thing we’ve noticed is that we’re now able to edit videos faster with the new Split tool. Video rendering speed is the same with previous version.

Filmora 9.3 Audio Beat Detection Tool

According to the announcement on YouTube, Filmora 9.3 has a new beat detection tool to help you find the beat in your music track. But I can’t find a way to use it. After a while, we figured out how to use it. Watch below tutorial on how to use audio beats detection tool in Filmora 9.3.

Should I Upgrade Now?

Yes, you should upgrade to Filmora 9.3 if you’re currently on Filmora 9.2. There are cool lower third templates, titles and new transitions for you to use. These presets look nice and clean.

We will come back to you with more information about Filmora 9.3 in couple of days.

Good luck!




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