Wondershare Filmora Animation Software Review: Pros and Cons

Wondershare Filmora Animation software is a new software of Wondershare. This is exactly an integration of Filmora X (a video editor) and a bunch of downloadable animated characters and elements from Wondershare’s online store.

As a Filmora X user, I have been invited to get 14 days free trial of this new software. To be honest, I was impressed by a large number of built-in animated characters and elements right inside the program. Most importantly, this software inherits all the good things of Filmora X such as its easy-to-use interface, smart editing workflow, lightweight, fast video rendering speed and more.

However, when I spent more time working on a specific project, I feel very confused because I cannot understand why Wondershare created an identical version of Filmora X with a library of animated characters and sells for a subscription price of US$ 9.87 / month. That’s not to mention that this version dropped the video effects and elements folder in Filmora X. I have no idea why Wondershare do this. By the way, lets consider it an explainer video maker and deep dive into the Pros and Cons of the software now.

Wondershare Filmora Animation Pros

  • Has an intuitive user interface where you can drag and drop elements easily.
  • Has loads of built-in animated characters, elements, title templates and transition.
  • Has basic video and audio editing tools plus advance features of Filmora X such as motion tracking, animation keyframe, chroma key, audio ducking, color match, 3D LUTs, masking tools and more.
  • Has Text-to-speech function where you can convert texts into difference voices easily (in beta test now).
  • Capable of recording PC’s screen and webcam as well as voice-over which is great for making training videos.
  • Has different export options and YouTube direct uploading option.

Wondershare Filmora Animation Cons

  • It does not have HTLM export options.
  • There is no VIDEO EFFECT in the software.
  • Not many tutorial videos as it’s just a new software.
  • No one-time payment option.

Here are some screenshots of the software

Bottom line

In short, I see this software very promising in the field of animated videos. Especially it is developed by the team of Wondershare who have created great video editing software, Filmora X. However, this is only a trial version. Hope in the coming time Wondershare will update more useful features, not just copy all the features of Filmora X like this. If you want to download and try this software, click the link below:


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