What Is A Screencast? What’s it for?

Looking for an answer for your question: what’s a screencast? Screencast is simply a video recording, created by a screencasting software or screen recorder. It includes video with or without narration. 

There are many definitions about screencast you can find on the internet easily nowadays. It is simple to understand what it is. But, in order to know why a screencast is created and how to create it is a different story. You’ll need to spend some time to figure out it really is.

In today post, I want to share with you all the related knowledge about a screencast you should know before creating your own screencast for making tutorial, product demos, your computer errors explanation or whatever you want to show from your monitor.

What is a screencast?

As mentioned at the beginning of this post, it is simply a digital recording of your computer screen with or without narration. In some case, the recording of your phone’s screen can also be a screencast.

What is a screencast used for?

Well, at the early age of screencast, it is only used to share your computer’s screen when you need technical support remotely. For example, while you are using Microsoft Word or Excel to write a story. It works properly except one thing. You can’t save your story on your computer. Now, you will need to be supported from your friends or Microsoft’s support team. This is when you need a screencast. You can record what you have done on your computer in a short video to show them the error. It is much more effective than writing an email explaining the problem. That is the basic use of a screencast in the early age. Nowadays, it has been using in many fields, such as:

  • Creating how-to videos to illustrate about your product features and make it more comprehensive.
  • Creating tutorial videos to share on YouTube to earn money from advertisers. The more viewers watch your videos, the more you earn.
  • Create software simulation to show to your customers or partners.
  • Create online training courses for your employees.
  • Explain your computer’s problem and share it for help.

There are many things more about the usages of a screencast as now. But, how can you create a screencast?

How to create a screencast?

In order to create a screencast, you’ll need a screencasting software. It can be a built-in program on your computer, a third party software that requires to be downloaded or a web-based application. It is not difficult to find good screencast software to use.

The point is: if you don’t often create a screencast, you’ll need free screencast software. See them here.

If you want to create professional screencast, you’ll need to purchase a software with prices vary from $100 to $200 per license. The best ones can be ActivePresenter or Camtasia Studio 9.

Supposing that you already have a screencast software on your computer, how can you create a professional and engaging screencast? Take a look at below tutorial video from TechSmith to figure out what’s a professional screencast looks like.

What are must-have features of professional screencast software?

This is not a big issue when you understand all your needs in a screencast. The good thing is: I wrote a topic to figure out “How to choose the best screencast software”. I am sure it is a useful topic you should not overlook. In short, you can check these following features whether it is free or paid program:

  • High quality screen recording capability.
  • Editing video tools.
  • Annotation tools
  • Exporting videos into various format.
  • Good technical support including online tutorial video and documentation.
  • Cost of the software.

My suggestions about screencast software for Windows and Mac

When you have the basic knowledge about a screencast, do you may want to create your first screencast with a software? If yes, here is some of my suggestions about screencast software you can try.

1. ActivePresenter – The best free screencast software for creating tutorial videos and product demonstrations.

This is a professional, powerful screencast software you can try for free. It is compatible with Windows 7, 8x, 10 and macOS X. In ActivePresenter, recording full HD quality video and polishing it to make a perfect tutorials or product demos is as easy as you breath. >>Read more.

2. Camtasia Studio 9 – The best screencast software for create training videos

Camtasia Studio 9 is no doubt the best screencast software for creating training videos for professionals. It has a high quality, multi-function screen recorder but also has wonderful built-in video editor with advanced features such as: add clickable links, Chorma key effects and many more. The only downside of Camtasia Studio is that it doesn’t has a free version for you to try. You will need to register an email to try it in 30 days to consider to buy it or not. The pricing plan is $199 per license. >>Read more

3. OBS Studio – The best open source screencast software for Windows, Mac and Linux

Although OBS Studio is far less professional in creating screencast in comparison with ActivePresenter or Camtasia Studio 9, it is a great option to record video from your computer, take screenshot and upload to your YouTube channel. >>Read more

Bottom line

These are some of my thoughts about “what is a screencast”. I hope you get enough information in this topic. I am always love to hear from you. Send me an email or comment at the end of this topic to share with me your idea.

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Good luck!



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