How To Record Screen Without Watermark?

Learn how to record screen without watermark on your PC in this article. It’s easy to record screen and take screenshot on your computer when you choose the right tool.

Watermark is really an annoying thing when you record your computer screen with free screen recorders. It is a big mistake if you think about recording video from your computer with a watermark and try to remove it later. Don’t do that! There is an easier way to record computer screen without watermark by using one of my below suggestions. Our best pick is ActivePresenter, the best free screen recording software without watermark on Windows/ Mac.

In another topic, I wrote about top 5 free screen recorders without watermark for Windows, Mac and Linux which includes: ActivePresenter, VSDC Free screen recorder, Apowersoft free online screen recorder, Icecream and Screencast O Matic. They are totally free software with many great tools for recording video with audio from computer that you should try for sure.

In today post, I will show you some introduction video of these free screen recorders so that you can learn how to record screen without watermark easily.

How to record screen without watermark?

1. Use ActivePresenter

ActivePresenter is a powerful screen recorder without watermark you can use for your Windows computer and macOS X at no cost. It can record full high quality video at max. 30 fps, 32 bpp and edit recorded video professionally. This tutorial video will show you how to start and stop recording in ActivePresenter. >>Read more

2. Use VSDC

VSDC free screen recorder is a built-in, simple to use screen recorder in VSDC free video editor. It can be used for Windows and has all tools you need to record high quality video and edit your recordings without watermark. VSDC also includes real-time drawing tools for you to annotate the screen while recording. >>Read more…

3. Use Icecream Free Screen Recorder

Icecream is free screen recorder and screen capture software. It can record video from computer’s screen and webcam at high quality with built-in drawing tools. Icecream will not have watermark on your recordings too. However, it has a 10 minutes time limitation which is not a big issue if you want to create screencast video which normally last less than 5 minutes. >>Read more..

4. Use Apowersoft Free Online Screen Recorder

Apowersoft free online screen recorder is a great no watermark screen recorder for Windows, Mac, Linux and iOS. It has intuitive user interface and the possibility to grab your desktop video and audio plus real-time drawing tools. Added to that, its basic video editor can help you prepare a good screencast for sharing online. >>Read more..

5. Use Screencast O Matic

Finally, learn how to record screen without watermark in Screencast O Matic here. It is one of the most easy to use web-based screen recording software for years. Read more…

Bottom line

No wonder that a free screen recorder without watermark is really a useful tool to create screencast video such as tutorial, product demos or software simulation. By using these free options, you don’t need to worry about legal issue of the watermark. Your screencast also looks much more professional than a watermarked one. Try them and share with me your experiences.

Good luck!

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