Top 5 Best Screen Recorders With Internal Audio/System Sound for PCs

It’s not complicated to record video with internal audio/system sound on PCs nowadays. There are many programs you can use for free. The most important thing is to choose an appropriate program that suite your needs. We’ve rounded up top 5 best screen recorders that can help you record video with internal audio or system sound right in this article. 

ActivePresenter Recording Toolbar
ActivePresenter is one of the best programs to record video with system sound on your PCs.

Top 5 Best Screen Recorders To Record Video With Internal Audio/ System Sound for PCs

1. ActivePresenter – Free for Windows and Mac

ActivePresenter is a powerful video recorder that allows you to record screen video with system sound or internal audio. It also lets you record video with audio from your microphone too. Most importantly, ActivePresenter seems to be the most lightweight, no lag screen recorder without watermarks or time limit you can try at the moment. You can also edit video, take screenshot with this program too. Read our full review here!

ActivePresenter Safe Screen Recorder
ActivePresenter is a safe, free, no lag screen recorder with internal audio.

Download it free here

2. Aiseesoft free screen recorder

Aiseesoft is an easy-to-use free screen recording program with internal audio you can use. It also allows you to record video and audio separately without watermark. The program is totally safe and lightweight. Like ActivePresenter, you can also record audio from microphone or system sound easily. Read our full review here!

Aiseesoft capturing tool
Aiseesoft capturing tool

Download it free here

3. OBS Studio – Free and open source

OBS Studio is a cross platforms free screen recording program with internal audio you can try on Windows, Mac and Linux. It has all necessary tools to record video, take screenshot, add your own logo to the video, merge clips and many thing more. You can also use OBS Studio as a live streaming platform on YouTube or Twitch too. Read our full review of OBS Studio here!

OBS Studio interface
OBS Studio Interface

Download it free here

4. Movavi Screen Recorder – Premium, $39.95

Movavi screen recorder is a premium screen recording program with internal audio for Windows and Mac. The program is powerful enough for creating screencast, tutorial videos, product demos. However, it is not free to use like above mentioned tools. You can only try it within 14 days to evaluate its features. Here is our full review about this program!

Movavi screen recorder

Download Movavi for Windows here

Download Movavi for Mac here

5. Camtasia Studio 9 – 30 days trial and $199

Camtasia Studio 9 is the latest version of TechSmith Camtasia. This is an all-in-one video recording software with built-in video editor for Windows and Mac. The tool lets you record video in full HD quality with audio from microphone and system sound quickly. It is specially useful for people who want to create training videos, product demonstration or company introduction video. Read our full review of Camtasia Studio 9 here!

Camtasia Studio 9 Recording tools
Camtasia Studio 9 Screen Recorder

Download Camtasia Studio 9 here

Bottom line

I know that some other powerful screen recorders should be in the list. But, in consideration of the best screen recorders with internal audio, these are the best programs in my opinion. I hope you get useful information from this post. Don’t hesitate to share with us your point of view in this article. We are listening to you!

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Good luck!


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