5 Best Free YouTube Video Makers Every Beginner Should Know

Once or another day you want to start your own YouTube channel for some reasons. You may want to share your experiences and knowledge for fun or making money on this platform. There are many kind of videos you can upload to YouTube. No matter what kind of video you want to produce, you always need a professional YouTube video maker. Professional YouTube video maker is one of the most important factors behind a famous YouTube channel.

In today’s post, I will share with you 5 best free YouTube video makers which you can use for producing engaging videos for your own channel. Let’s went through some of the most important features of YouTube video maker:

  • Simple to use.
  • Support AVI, MP4 and MKV formats which are accepted by YouTube.
  • Free to download and use (no trial).
  • Possible to export video up to 1080p (full HD quality).
  • No watermark on the outputs.
  • Possible to cut, trim, crop, split and merge video plus the capability to add transitions, texts and special effects to the video.

Okay! These are some of the most important features. It depends on your needs to define which features is more important for you than others.

Editor’s notice: All these YouTube video maker can be used to product video content for personal use. We are not 100% sure if you can use them for commercial purposes or not. Please contact the developers to clarify this point before using them.

Top 5 Best Free YouTube Video Makers

1. ActivePresenter (Windows 64 bit/ Mac)

ActivePresenter is no doubt the best YouTube video maker for Windows 64 bit and Mac at present time. It is one of the most lightweight and easy to use video editing programs I’ve reviewed so far. Besides the advanced video editing functions such as Chroma key, Zoom and Pan and Picture in Picture, ActivePresenter also has a powerful built-in screen recorder which allows you to record anything from the screen in full HD quality without watermark or time limit.

If you are going to start an YouTube channel about educational videos, training videos, how-to tutorials, product demos or software/ hardware review, than ActivePresenter is the best option to go.

Making Gadget Review Video With ActivePresenter
Making A Gadget Review Video With ActivePresenter

2. VSDC (For Windows only)

VSDC is a wonderful free video editing program for Windows you can use to make YouTube videos without any limitation. This program is also an all-in-one program like ActivePresenter. It also includes full HD screen recorder and various annotation tools for decorating your videos before uploading to YouTube. If you only want to cut, trim, add text titles and transitions to videos, VSDC is all you need.

VSDC allows you to export your project up to 4K without watermark or time limit. You can choose various type of output formats and devices. There are many video tutorials you can easily find on YouTube too.

Frankly speaking, in some cases, I prefer VSDC over ActivePresenter for making YouTube videos because its video rendering speed is really fast and it support 4k video editing. However, the built-in screen recorder of VSDC lacks some important features to become the best YouTube video maker in our list.

VSDC export project
VSDC export project

3. Davinci Resolve 15 (Windows, Mac and Linux)

Davinci Resolve 15 is the latest version of the most professional film editing program of Black Magic Design. If you want to create stunning YouTube videos with professional color grading grading tools and audio mixer, Davinci Resolve 15 is the first option to go. Although Davinci Resolve’s hardware requirements are relatively high and the video editing process is a bit more difficult to use than the above two software packages, once you get used to it, everything becomes extremely simple.

Davinci Resolve 15 has all necessary tools for editing video including cut, trim, crop, picture in picture, green screen effect, add text title, color correction, audio adjustment and so on. When you finish your project, it allows you to export the whole timeline in various formats and devices without any limitation.

Davinci Resolve 15 Editing Page


4. Lightworks

Lightworks video editor is one of the most popular YouTube video maker which has been also used in making Hollywood movies. If you want to create stunning videos like The Wolf of Wall Street, LA Confidential, you can begin with Lightworks. This professional film editing program has a free version to use – Lightworks 14, though the output resolution is limited to 720p. If you want to export to higher resolution, you’ll need to purchase the pro license.

best free professional NLE video editing software - Lightworks
Lightworks simple to use interface

5. Shotcut (Windows, Mac and Linux)

Finally, do you like an open source video editing program? If yes, Shotcut is the first option I suggest you to use for making YouTube videos. There isn’t any restriction in this powerful video editor. Shotcut is the easiest editing program I’ve review. You can do anything with Shotcut including basic editing tools such as cut, trim, crop video, add text title in 2D and 3D to video. You can also correct color, adjust audio, add transitions and special effects to video easily.

Shotcut video editor

Shotcut video editor – An open source, free editing software

Bottom line

So you have necessary video editing program to start producing YouTube video. It’s your turn to choose an appropriate niche and kick off the game now. If you need any further support from us, don’t hesitate to contact us any time. Don’t forget to subscribe to our mailing list to get up-to-date with the latest technology trends in the future.

Good luck!


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