5 Best Green Screen Software For Professional Video Editors

Removing green screen background from the video is just a small feature in video editing work. However, it becomes crucial for professional video editors when they continuously work inside a green screen studio all the time. Shooting films inside the studio can save you tons of time, traveling cost as well as give you the opportunity to transform raw footage into whatever you want to. That’s where the best green screen software comes in.

5 best green screen software for professional video editors
5 best green screen software for professional video editors

5 Best Green Screen Software For Professional Video Editors

1. Adobe Premier Pro CC 2018

Adobe Premier Pro has been one of the most famous name in video editing industry for year. This powerful video editor of Adobe is capable of doing almost everything to transform your raw footage from various sources into stunning movies, TV shows, music clips, Vlog post or instructional demonstrations. This industry standard video editing program is also a decent green screen software too. Watch out this simple to follow tutorial to see how it works:

Like many other Adobe’s programs, Adobe Premier Pro CC 2018 is a part of Adobe Creative Cloud. It’s available to purchase single app at $20/month (totally $240 per year). Frankly speaking, this is not a good offer comparing to other alternatives we’ve reviewed.

2. Magix VEGAS Pro 15

VEGAS Pro 15 is also a simple to use yet professional video editing program for serious editors. The program has all tools you need to produce stunning movies like Adobe Premier Pro CC and the license price is way cheaper. You can purchase VEGAS Pro 15 lifetime license at $599 only. It’s a big different with yearly license of Premier Pro CC. Using green screen feature in Vegas Pro 15 is somehow easier too. To learn more about this tool, read our detail review of Vegas Pro 15 here!

3. Filmora Video Editor

What if you don’t want to spend some hundreds bugs on a video editing program with green screen feature, Filmora Video Editor is a good option to go. With $59.99, you can get a complete video editing suite to edit 4K video with green screen feature, dozen of pre-made effects and tons of filters. Filmora video editor is more and more popular in the world now as many YouTubers and content creators are using it. Read our review of Filmora Video Editor here!

4. Davinci Resolve 15

What if you don’t want to spend any money aka you want to use a free video editing software which has green screen feature. And you still want to have professional video editing features like the above mentioned tools. Davinci Resolve 15 is our suggestion. This is an amazing free professional film editor from Black Magic Design, a famous name in the industry now. Davinci Resolve 15 is more difficult to use than other classic timeline editor if you don’t have previous experience using it. However, you can easily overcome the learning curve after producing some projects for sure. Detail review of Davinci Resolve 15 is here!

5. ActivePresenter

If you are a YouTuber, content creator, training video creator or educator who is looking for a professional screencast video editor with green screen feature, then ActivePresenter is the tool you need. This is a decent free video editing program for making YouTube video from screencasting. It comes in along with a screen recorder and dozen of editing features for such purposes. Removing green screen background from the video is easy as a piece of cake. Read our detail review of ActivePresenter here!

Bottom line

Green screen software, technically, is only a tool that helps you remove a specific color from your video or image. It doesn’t have to be complicated at all. Don’t choose a professional video editing program just because of green screen feature. You should always consider other important features such as ease of use, license price, video quality and rendering speed and so on. If you need any advice from us, don’t hesitate to ask. Don’t forget to follow us to receive more valuable post notifications in the future!

Good luck!


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