Top 2 Screen Recorder No Watermark For Professional Use 2018

Once or another day you may want to record what’s happening on your computer screen to make a screencast to share with others. You also want to have different recording functions such as record full screen, a windows or a running application as well as edit your recording. That’s what a professional screen recorder comes in. You start searching on Google, try to find out a good screen recorder to use and soon realize the fact that, most professional screen recorders are often leave a watermark on your recordings. Then, you keep on searching tips and tricks about how to remove the watermark for a specific recording software, and later face the risk of being attacked by harmful virus and malware from those such tools. That’s a painful story I’ve experienced 3 years ago.

Let’s me help you solve this problem! After reviewing more than 20 free and paid screen recorders all over the net, I recognize that most of them (not all of them) has the same features. There are few differences between a professional screen recording software and a free one. One of the most common different is the watermark. And secondly is the video length limitation. Finally a free screen recorder is often lack of important features such as video editing and annotating tools.

These 2 Powerful Screen Recorders Has No Watermark, No Time Limit!
These 2 Powerful Screen Recorders Have No Watermark, No Time Limit!

In today’s post, I’ll share with you top 2 best free screen recorders which can be used for your Windows, Mac or Linux computer. They are professional tools but will not leave big watermarks on your recording. I hope this article can help you save your valuable time and money in screencasting.

Top 2 Screen Recorder No Watermark For Professional Use 2018

1. ActivePresenter

This is a powerful and all-in-one stand-alone screen recording software, created by Atomi Systems, which I have been using for two years. It has everything you need to make how-to tutorials, product demos or software simulations. Beside recording screen, you can also edit and annotate recorded video too. ActivePresenter is the easiest screen recording software I’ve ever used, comparing to other similar tools I found on the market. Recording and video editing functions are like bananas. And the best part is, off course, it has no watermark, no time limit in free version. This post tell you some of the most important advantages when using ActivePresenter to record your computer screen.

Before downloading ActivePresenter, be sure that you check the compatibility and their license terms to know when and where you can use it.

2. Open Broadcaster Software (OBS Studio)

Honestly, I am not a huge fan of free and open source software because of so many disadvantages such as lack of technical support and they often contain virus or malware in the download package. Added to that, open source software features are not frequently updated. When I found OBS Studio, I changed my attitude. This software is one of the few options I feel very comfortable to use. Although it does not have as much technical support from developers as other software, the feature is updated very frequently by the community of open source users. This tool is capable of recording video your desktop in high quality without watermark or time limit like ActivePresenter plus live streaming option. It is suitable for professional streamers who often record and broadcast the game they are playing live on YouTube or Twitch.

I’ve tested OBS Studio very carefully to make sure that it does not contain virus or malware before downloading it to my computer. Here is my detail review of OBS Studio.

Before you download OBS Studio, I highly suggest that you double check its download package with VirusTotal, a free tool from Google to make sure that there is nothing strange in the package. Who know what they (open source developers) add to the package after the day I write this review.

Bottom line

You may wonder why I only suggest two options for you instead of 5 free tools as normal. There are some reasons for this change. For the time being, I realize that if I give you 5 recommendations, it will make you confused in choosing a suitable tool for you. Added to that, such kind of post looks like a promotional post not a review post. If you are a familiar reader of Elearning Supporter, you’ll easily understand what I mean. I hope this change will not cause any inconvenience for you. If you have any question about these programs, don’t hesitate to contact us. Don’t forget to follow us to receive more valuable post notifications in the future!

Good luck!

Credit: Screenshot is created by Author using ActivePresenter. Embedded YouTube videos from trusted YouTubers.


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