Top 3 Computer Based Training Development Software For E-learning Professionals

Computer based training development software are handy and useful programs you can use with your computer i.e laptops, desktops or tablets. It enables you to create and publish your computer based training courses in video formats or HMTL5. Choosing a computer based training development software can be overwhelming because of so many options on the market nowadays. In this post, we’ll quickly go through top 3 computer based training development software that we’ve reviewed carefully. These programs can be used for creating professional training courses effortlessly.

Computer Based Training Development Software is the key to your successful business!
Computer Based Training Development Software is the key to your successful business!

Before we dive into the detail of each program, let’s quickly go through what are must have features of a good computer based training development program. It’s a good ways to start when you know exactly what the software can bring to you.

  • Simple to use: As a trainer, you don’t have to spend hundred of hours learning how to use a program because most of modern training software programs are not as complicated as they were few years ago.
  • Feature rich: The program you choose has to be powerful enough with all necessary tools, specially developed for training purposes such as designing interactive training courses, exporting project into SCORM, tracking learner progress and so on.
  • Cost- effective: This is our personal point of view. Any software that we suggest must be cost-effective (low license price). We don’t appreciate pricey software no matter what it can bring to you.

These are the most important features of a good computer based training development software from our personal point of view.

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OK, let dive into the detail now!

Top 3 Computer Based Training Development Software

1. ActivePresenter – Best Overall Computer Based Training Development Software For Windows/ Mac

ActivePresenter has been one of the most famous training development software programs for years. This powerful authoring tool can be used alone on Windows or Mac computer. It has everything you need to create impressive instructional training courses seamlessly. Out of the ease of use and features, ActivePresenter license price is affordable even you are an individual or a small startup. To learn more about ActivePresenter, read this review! 

Here is a short video about ActivePresenter we’ve created.

The best features of ActivePresenter

  • Advanced recording features: Full Motion Recording, Smart Capture
  • Video editing: Cut, Crop, Join, Change Volume, Speed Up, Slow Down
  • Multiple Audio/Video Layers
  • Rich annotations: Shapes, Image, Zoom-n-Pan, Closed Caption, Cursor Path, Audio/Video Overlays
  • Smart Annotation
  • Themes & Templates
  • Export to: MP4, WebM, MKV, AVI, WMV
  • Export to: PowerPoint, Word, Excel, Adobe PDF, HTML
  • Commercial Use
  • Advanced Audio/Video Effects: Fade In, Fade Out, Noise Reduction, Blur, Green Screen
  • HTML5 Export
  • Fully Responsive Design
  • Interactivity & Branching: Variables, Conditional Actions, Javascript API
  • Interactions: Button, Mouse Click, Text Input, Drag & Drop, Keystroke
  • Quiz: 9 Types of Questions
  • Report & Tracking in LMS (SCORM, xAPI)

Pricing Detail

ActivePresenter is free to download and try as long as you want. You can use its free edition, available for Windows 64 bit and macOS X, to evaluate the program. There are two different premium versions i.e ActivePresenter Standard – $199 lifetime and ActivePresenter Professional Edition – $399 lifetime.

Download ActivePresenter

2. TechSmith Camtasia – Best For Producing Video Training Courses

TechSmith Camtasia has been known as a powerful tool to produce video training courses for years. If you don’t have to export your training courses into HTML5, then TechSmith Camtasia is no doubt the best option to go. For those of you who don’t know about Camtasia, read our careful review of this program here.

Sadly, TechSmith Camtasia has no free version. You can only try it within 30 days as trial. All the outputs will be watermarked. To remove the watermark or continue to use the product, you’ll have to consider to buy a license at $249 lifetime. It’s a one time payment like ActivePresenter.

The best features of Camtasia

  • Multi-track Timeline: Build your videos quickly with multiple tracks for images, video, text, and audio.
  • Annotations: Arrows, callouts, shapes, and more help you get your point across.
  • Transitions Add an intro/outro to the beginning or end of a clip, image, shape, or text.
  • Animations: Zoom, pan, or create your own custom motion effects.
  • Voice Narration: A great way to add context to what you’re showing.
  • Audio Effects: Add audio effects to recordings, music, or narration to enhance your video.
  • Visual Effects: Adjust colors, add a drop shadow, change the clip speed, and more.
  • Interactivity: Add quizzes to see who is watching your videos, and how much they’ve viewed.
  • Green Screen: Put yourself in your video making it appear like you’re right in the action

 View Camtasia Pricing Plan

3. Movavi Screen Capture Studio – A Great Suite For Creating Online Training Videos

Last but not least, we highly recommend you to use Movavi Screen Capture Studio for creating online training videos if you are not satisfied with the above mentioned tools i.e ActivePresenter and Camtasia. Technically, Movavi Screen Capture Studio has the same functionality as TechSmith Camtasia such as high quality screen recording tools, easy to use and powerful video editor. However, its license price is really good – $59.95 for lifetime only. Though Movavi technical support service is not as good as the team behind ActivePresenter or Camtasia, it’s a good choice for those of you who can’t afford to buy above mentioned tools but still want to create online training videos. Take a look at our detail review of Movavi Screen Capture Studio here!

The best features of Movavi Screen Capture Studio

  • High quality screen recorder: Movavi Screen Capture Studio includes a high quality screen recorder you can use to record video from the screen with webcam and audio. It’s powerful enough for recording anything, including high fps game-plays.
  • Intuitive timeline video editor: This suite includes Movavi’s simple to use video editor that has almost everything you need to polish your video and make it more instructional.

Pricing Detail

Movavi Screen Capture Studio is free to use within 7 days as trial. For personal use, it cost $59.95 per license for lifetime. For business, license price is $99.99 for lifetime. There are different version for Windows and Mac. Don’t forget to choose the right version when you download it.

Download Movavi Screen Capture Studio for Windows

Download Movavi Screen Capture Studio for Mac

The bottom line

Developing a training course is a time consuming procedure. Using the right software can save you tons of time. Of course, it’s not the only thing you have to care about. In order to produce professional and engaging training course, you’ll need many things more than just a software. We hope our recommendations can suite your needs. If you have any question about these programs, don’t hesitate to contact us any time. We’d love to hear from you. Don’t forget to follow us to receive more valuable post notifications in the future!

Good luck!








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