How To Create Great Quality Video Content

One of the best ways to amplify your message, get it in front of as many people as possible…

Whether it’s content, marketing leads, or even your special offer…


In today’s article, I am going to share with you 5 simple steps to create great quality video content to help you getting started promptly. This is exactly what you need to become a content creator, a YouTuber, or a successful marketer.

First off, if you want to learn everything about video such as its history, different factors that affect video quality, basic video specifications and so on, I highly suggest you go through this article on Wikipedia about video.

It’s a kind of basic knowledge you must know before trying to create great quality videos.

Well, you don’t need to be so stressful as great quality video content may vary depending on your audiences, your sharing platforms, your publishing purposes and so many thing more. There are no fixed rules, or criteria to evaluate what is a great quality video content.

Video quality depends on different factors.
Video quality depends on different factors.

Alright, let’s dive into the detail now!

1. Write Down Your Idea

Before hitting the record button, you’ll need to figure out what kind of video content you want to produce. What’s your idea? Do you want to make short action movies, daily vlogs or software tutorials for uploading to YouTube. Your idea will decide how much money you need to invest, or how many people you will need for your crew. No matter what kind of video content you have in mind, make sure that you write down your idea, do some researches, discuss with your team if possible. Once the idea is set, move to the next steps. Here is some ideas for YouTube creators:




2. Write A Script

Depending on the video content you’re going to produce, a detail script is always necessary. Here are some examples:






and this

3. Storyboarding

This tutorial give you all necessary information about storyboarding. Just watch it!



4. Recording Video With a DSLR

One of the most common ways to create great quality video is using a DSLR. Deciding to use 1, 2, or even more DSLRs depending on very much on your need, your budget and  the content you want to produce. If you want to produce professional looking movies, you’ll need more than one DLSR to get different recording angles. That’s not to mention other necessary gears to make your film more engaging like drones, gimbals, sliders and so on.

What if your only concern is to produce daily vlogs, YouTube videos, or weekly tutorials, then you need just a single DSLR (plus a micro for better sound). Here’s is a useful tutorial from Sean, one of my favorite YouTubers when it comes to making better video tips & tricks.


Or Record Video With Your Smartphone

Nowadays, almost everyone own a smartphone with high quality camera for recording video. Most people use it for shooting photos. Well, don’t you know that it can be used to produce high quality video too? Off course, you’ll need to use your smartphone correctly. it’s a little bit different with the way you’re doing now. Here’s is quick, and simple tips to help you creating better video with your smartphones.







5. Editing Your Videos

Finally, editing your videos is the funniest, and the most time consuming part when it comes to making video content. Normally, it takes few months up to few years to edit a Hollywood blockbuster movies like the Avenger Infinity War, Endgame, or similar action movies. While editing YouTube vlogs takes about 1, or 2 days depending on how much information you put in their. So what exactly editing video is?

Well, normally, you need to assemble raw footage, cut out unwanted parts, add video/audio effect to the scene, apply transitions to engage your audience, layer sound effects and music, color grading, add title, end credit and so on. All these stuff are called “editing video”. There are different video editing software available on the market now. Choosing which software also depends very much on your need and budget. Here’s the list of the most affordable and professional video editing programs I’ve tested.

This is the tutorial for making better video with Peter McKinnon, one of my favorite YouTube channels. I highly recommend you watch all the video he made about filming and photo shooting.





So these are the most important steps to create great quality video content you can apply for your next movies.

Useful resources on this site:


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