5 Best Professional Screen Recorder For Windows

Screen recorder is a software you can use to record what’s happening on the screen with narration, webcam video and your mouse cursor. There are plenty of programs can do such things. But, only some of them are good enough for professional use.

In this post, I’ve listed out 5 best professional screen recorders for Windows users, both free and paid. Let’s dive into the detail now!

5 Best Professional Screen Recorder For Windows

1.ActivePresenter – Best Free Professional Screen Recorder For Windows

ActivePresenter is an all-in-one screen recorder, meaning that you can record video on the screen, recorder your voice-over, your system sound and your webcam simultaneously. What makes ActivePresenter stand-out of the crowd is the ability to save your recording in different tracks which gives you the ability to modify it later. For example, you can easily edit recorded audio, remove system sound from you recording as well as change the size and position of your webcam video in ActivePresenter’s video editor. Modifying mouse cursor effect in ActivePresenter is also very flexible too. You can change your mouse click effect, sound effect as well as adjust the opacity, or shape of the cursor easily. There are many useful features in ActivePresenter such as annotation presets, pan and zoom effect, spotlight effect, or text-to-speech generator, right inside the program.

ActivePresenter is compatible with both Windows and macOS. If you’re using macOS, you can also download and install this powerful screen recorder on your computer. Just make sure that you download the right version at ActivePresenter’s download page.

Watch below tutorial to learn more about this program:

2. Filmora9 – Best Budget Professional Screen Recorder for Windows ($69.99)

Filmora9 is a simple to use yet powerful video editor, designed for novices and casual users. The program offers a wide array of basic and advance video editing tools for Windows and macOS. Added to that, Filmora9 has a high quality screen recorder which lets you record full screen, a specific part or a target window with audio and your webcam. Filmora 9 screen recorder also has the option to select different mouse cursor effect when recording video as well as your mouse click sound. Compare to ActivePresenter, screen recording option in Filmora 9 is not as flexible as ActivePresenter does. However, its built-in video editor is more powerful and easier to use than ActivePresenter in some cases.

If you are looking for a 2 in 1 program for making software tutorial, Filmora9 is a great option to go. The program is available for both Windows and macOS. There is a free version which lets you access to all of its features. However, your output will be watermarked when using free plan. To get rid of the watermark, you will need to purchase a license which cost $69.99 per lifetime. Use this 20% off discount coupon code to save your money if you decided to buy this software.

Watch below tutorial to know how to record screen using Filmora 9:

3. Camtasia 2020 – Best Professional Screen Recorder for Trainer ($249)

Camtasia has been known as the industry standard screencasting software for years. It’s no doubt to say that this is the best professional screen recorder for online trainers, educators and teachers. The program offers a wide array of video editing tools, loads of annotations presets, animation effect and a high quality screen recording tools for creating online training videos. With Camtasia, you can also record screen, audio and webcam in separated tracks so that you can edit your video recording in post later. It’s very simple to use too. Take a look at below tutorial for beginners to learn more about Camtasia:

4. Obs Studio – Best Open Source Professional Screen Recorder for free users

Obs Studio is a complete free and open source screen recorder and live streaming platform for Windows, macOS and Linux. Its screen recorder is as powerful as all the above mentioned software. Added to that, OBS Studio can be used as a live streaming platform on YouTube, Facebook or Twitch. For those of you who want to record video games in high fps, or record software tutorial, OBS Studio is a great option to go. I put this software at the position number 4 in this list because it lacks video editing tools as well as technical support service from developers. However, it’s great to use as a stand along screen recorder for free users. Take a look at below tutorial for beginners to learn more about it:

5. Mirrilis Action! – Best Budge Professional Screen Recorder for Gamers

If you’re looking for a professional screen recorder to record high fps video games which includes advance features such as chroma key, hard ware acceleration, live streaming option and more, Mirrilis Actions! is the right software for you. Mirillis Action! screen recorder allows streaming and real-time recording of Windows desktop in a superb HD video quality. With Action! you can record and stream your gameplay, web player videos, record music, capture screenshots, add webcams, microphone commentary… and more!

This is a paid software, meaning that you need to purchase a license to use it after 30 days free trail. The price is very affordable, $19.97 per lifetime. You will get all the features of this program. Take a look at below tutorial for beginners to learn more about it.

The Bottom Line

Each software has different strengths and weaknesses. I hope this article has provided some more useful information to help you choose the best screen recording software for your job. If you have any question about these programs, don’t hesitate to contact us any time.

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