ActivePresenter Free Edition Limitations You May Want To Know!

ActivePresenter is an all-in-one eLearning authoring tool for creating online training courses, including videos and HTML5 outputs. It’s one of the best professional eLearning software in the work nowadays. ActivePresenter comes in with 3 different editions i.e ActivePresenter Free Edition, Standard Edition ($199) and Pro Edition ($399).

What are the differences between them, you asked. Let’s figure it out in this post.

First off, all these editions have the same download package, and you can get full access to all the features of ActivePresenter whether you’re using ActivePresenter free or paid edition.

ActivePresenter Free Edition Limitations You May Want To Know!

First off, ActivePresenter Free Edition is designed for personal and non-commercial use only. If you want to use it for commercial purposes, you need to purchase a license. If you’re about to download and use ActivePresenter, don’t forget to read and agree with this license terms.

Secondly, it will leave a watermark on some specific outputs such as HTML5, MS Excel, MS Word, or PDF Document when you export your project using ActivePresenter Free Edition. The output will not be watermarked if you export your project in MP4, AVI or MKV formats.

Thirdly, ActivePresenter’s watermark will also appear if you’re trying to use its advanced features as listed below:

ActivePresenter’s Features Comparison Table

Commercial UseYesYes
Screen Recording: Full Motion Recording, Smart Capture
Webcam Recording
Video Editing: Cut, Crop, Join, Change Volume, Speed Up, Slow Down
Multiple Audio/Video Layers
Annotations: Shapes, Image, Zoom-n-Pan, Closed Caption, Cursor Path, Audio/Video Overlays
Animations & Transitions
Themes & Templates
Export to Images (PNG, JPEG)
Export to: MP4, AVI, WMV, WebM, MKV
Advanced Audio Effects: Fade In, Fade Out, Noise Reduction
Advanced Video Effects: Blur, Green Screen
Export to HTML SlideShow
Export to PDF Document (*)
Export to Microsoft Word (*)
Export to Microsoft Excel (*)
Export to Microsoft PowerPoint (*)
Import from PowerPoint
Interactions: Button, Mouse Click, Text Input, Drag & Drop, Keystroke, CheckBox, Radio
Quiz: 11 Types of Questions
Responsive Design
Multipe Timelines
Table of Contents
Multiple Object States
Web Fonts
Advanced Interactions & Conditional Actions
JavaScript API
Export to HTML5 Simulation
Export to SCORM 1.2, SCORM 2004, xAPI (Tin Can API)

That’s all about the limitations of ActivePresenter Free Edition. If you have any question about this program, don’t hesitate to contact us any time.

If you want to learn more about this program, watch below tutorial for beginners to see how it works.


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