3 Best Free Screen Recorder For 64 Bit Windows PC

If you’re using a 64 bit Windows PC, and looking for a good free screen recorder for making software tutorials, here is my recommendation for you.

1. ActivePresenter 8 – Best Free Screen Recorder For Tutorial Video Makers

ActivePresenter is an all-in-one screen recorder for cross platforms. Its latest version, ActivePresenter 8 support 64 bit Windows. And it’s completely free to use, no watermark, no time limit in your recording. It’s one of the best software for making tutorial videos. The program includes load of advance features such as full motion recording options, locked application recording options, external mic and system sound recording options. Added to that, you can also record your webcam and screen simultaneously too.

For making tutorial videos, you can record your screen, your mouse cursor effect, your webcam and audio at the same time. Once you finish recording, you can edit your video inside ActivePresenter 8 video editor which has a user-friendly interface like MS PowerPoint. In the work space, you can cut, trim video, add annotations, add animated text, titles as well as special effect to your video easily. Take a look at below tutorial to learn more about ActivePresenter 8:

2. OBS STUDIO – Best Free Screen Recorder For Game Streamers

OBS STUDIO is a free and open source screen recorder and live streaming platform for Windows, macOS and Linux. It works fine on 64 bit windows PC. It’s powerful enough to make software tutorial videos like the above mentioned software. However, it’s not designed for that purpose. OBS STUDIO is designed for recording games and streaming. With OBS Studio, you can record high fps game-play and go livestream on YouTube, Facebook or Twitch easily with this program. There are many recording options in OBS Studio plus some advance options like Chroma key, color adjustment tools too. This is my recommendation for those of you who want to become a streamer on said platform. Take a look at below tutorial to see how it works:

3. ApowerSoft Online Screen Recorder – Best Application for Screen Record With No Watermark

ApowerSoft online screen recorder is a small web application which allows you to record screen, record a custom area on the screen with narration and webcam at the same time. It’s useful for recording short tutorial videos to show what’s happening on your computer. As an online application, you can use it on any machine, not only 64 bit windows PC.

This is my recommendation for those of you who don’t record screen frequently. Take a look at below tutorial to know how it works:

The Bottom Line

That’s all the information I want to share with you in this post. If you have any question about these programs, don’t hesitate to contact me anytime. Read more useful articles at the links below:


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