How To Record Screen On Your Computer?

Learn how to record screen on your computer and where to download a screen recorder in this article.

I have said many times before that recording your computer screen is not very difficult at all. Especially, when you have a good free screen recorder installed on your computer. The point is where to get this good free software and how to use it.

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In this post, you are able to learn how to record screen on your computer for free in ActivePresenter, Apowersoft, Bandicam, OBS Studio and Snagit 2018. These are the most popular, powerful screen recorders at the moment.

Being mentioned that all these software have been reviewed carefully by our experts and I am 100% sure that it will work. If not, don’t hesitate to drop me an email at any time.

1. How to record screen with ActivePresenter?

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ActivePresenter is not only a simple free screen recorder but also an rapid elearning authoring tool. You’ll need to set up your capture profile before using recording screen feature. It’s is simple for experienced users but a little bit confusing with beginners. ActivePresenter is totally free to download and can be used on both Windows and Mac. Main features of ActivePresenter are: Recording entire screen with audio at full HD quality, exporting video into AVI, MKV, MP4, WebM plus a built-in video editor.

2. How to record screen on your computer with Bandicam?

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Bandicam is powerful, professional free screen recording software for recording computer’s screen, games and devices to create high quality videos. Bandicam is totally different with ActivePresenter. It does not include video editing features.

3. How to record screen online with Apowersoft

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Apowersoft is a free online screen recorder plus a built-in simple video editor. You can record entire screen or regional with or without Webcam online. You don’t have to download and install on your computer to use.

4. How to record screen with OBS Studio

Download OBS Here

OBS studio is a free, open source program that millions of users are using it to record computer’s screen and broadcast live streaming. In OBS, you can record video from multiple screen to create high quality video and edit in your recording in the Studio. See this tutorial to learn how to record screen with OBS.

5. How to record screen in Snagit 2018

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Snagit 2018 is a new, wonderful product of TechSmith with the possibility to record entire screen or custom area in high quality. It is also very famous about its screen capture possibility. Anyway, Snagit is not a free software which mean you can only try it within 15 days trial period. Learn how to record screen with Snagit 2018 in this tutorial.

Well, that’s all you need to know how to record screen on your computer. Share with us how do you record your computer’s screen and which tool are you using. Remember to follow us to receive more valuable post notifications in the future.

Good luck!

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