Top 5 HD Screen Recorder For Windows (Free and Paid)

It is no doubt that if you want to create high quality videos, you’ll need to record screen in HD quality. A good HD screen recorder is what you need to be able to create high quality videos whether you are a Gamer, YouTuber or a Streamer. Of course, it is much better if your recording is in Full HDFinding a good Screen Recorder for Windows is not difficult, but finding a HD screen recorder is a different story. But, don’t worry! I have reviewed more than 20 good screen recorders and picked the best ones here!

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Top 5 HD Screen recorders For Windows 10/7 Free and Paid

1. ActivePresenter – Best HD Free Screen Recorder For Windows

ActivePresenter is an all-in-on screen recording software for Windows and Mac. It is one of the most powerful Full HD screen recorders you can trust. In ActivePresenter, you are able to record anything on the screen in full screen, a fixed frame or a locked application. You can also record your webcam, audio from microphone or system sound too. Added to that, ActivePresenter offers a free video editor where you can use to edit your recording, add annotations and effect to the video professionally. The program also comes along with advanced video editing features like Chroma key, Zoom and Pan, Picture in Picture, Text To Speech and Closed caption and so on.

For Windows, I highly suggest that you give ActivePresenter a try. To learn more about ActivePresenter, please read our detail review of this program here!


  • Safe and simple to use program.
  • Record video in full screen, a fixed area or a locked application with webcam and voice-over.
  • Lightweight, no watermark, no time limit for recording and editing video in free version.
  • Record high quality video without lag and possible to cut, trim unwanted parts from recorded video.
  • Has advanced video editing features: Chroma key, Zoom and Pan, Picture in Picture, Text-to-speech, Closed Caption and applying effects.
  • Adjust audio, add background music to video.
  • Add texts, call-outs, title, numbers, images to video.
  • Export videos into MP4, AVI, MKV, WebM.


  • Lack of direct sharing option.

Watch this tutorial to learn how to record screen with ActivePresenter.

Download ActivePresenter Free Now!

2. Movavi Screen Recorder – Simple to use HD Screen Recorder For Windows at $39.95

Like ActivePresenter, Movavi Screen Recorder is very simple to use and powerful enough to record HD video from your computer screen. It also lets you capture full screen desktop or a specific area in various resolution. You can also record your webcam, audio from mic or system sound too. We tested this powerful screen recorder and found it is a useful tool for recording games, webinars, Skype calls and share directly online. What’s a pity! This is not a free program like ActivePresenter, you can only try Movavi screen recorder within 14 days as trial. After trial period, you’ll need to purchase a license to continue using the software. To learn more about this software, read our full review about Movavi screen recorder here!


  • Intuitive user interface, simple to download and install.
  • Lightweight yet powerful enough to record full HD video from the screen.
  • Record webinars, Skype calls in any resolution.
  • Possible to set up recording time and share directly online


  • No free version.
  • Lack of video editing features.
  • Not possible to record a locked application such as a running game or a web page.

Movavi screen capture software

Download Movavi Screen Recorder Now

3. Apowersoft free online screen recorder

If you want to record HD quality video without downloading the software and install it on your computer, you can try Apowersoft free online screen recorder. This is one of the best online free screen recorders at present time. In Apowersoft, you can choose to record your computer screen with audio or system sound as well as record webcam, edit recorded video and share it directly online. Before saving or publishing your videos, you are able to edit it in its built-in video editor too. This publisher also provides a desktop screen recorder if you want to get more advanced features like above mentioned programs. To learn more about Apowersoft, read our full review here!


  • Online program, no download, no java scrip is required.
  • Simple to use with just a small application.
  • Record either full screen or a fixed region in HD quality with webcam and audio.
  • Edit recorded video and share online quickly.
  • Has real-time drawing tools.


  • Lack of advanced video editing features.
  • Dependent on the internet connection and need to open the web page every time you want to record something.
  • No screenshot tool.

Try Apowersoft Online Screen Recorder Now

4. Camtasia Studio 9 – $199

Camtasia Studio 9 is one of the most famous names in the world for decades. Millions of users are using Camtasia to make videos for many purposes. It has a powerful, professional, built-in HD screen recorder to use for both Windows and Mac. Despite the fact that, its price is a little bit pricey in comparison with the above mentioned programs but its professional features package make it worth trying. However, like Movavi, you can only evaluate Camtasia Studio in 30 days as trial. After this period, you can’t continue to use the product without purchasing a license.

Well, it is difficult to explain everything about Camtasia Studio 9 in a short paragraph. Hence, I wrote a very detail about this software here if you want to discover more about it. Learn why Camtasia Studio 9 has very expensive price like that here!


  • Intuitive user interface, simple to use.
  • Lightweight and powerful enough for recording anything on the screen in full screen, a fixed region with webcam and voice-over.
  • Edit video with basic through advanced features.
  • Tons of ready-to-use call-outs and annotations for creating instructional videos.


  • License price is too high.
  • Lack of screenshot tool.

Download Camtasia Studio 9 from TechSmith Store Now!

5. Aiseesoft screen recorder – $27.30

Last but not least, Aiseesoft is a simple to use program to record Full HD video on Windows you can trust. It has intuitive interface and capable of recording full screen or part of the screen. Record video with audio or record audio only. Regardless of its video editing tool shortage, the quality of the video it can create make it more and more popular. If you don’t want to spend hours learning about new screen recording software, try Aiseesoft. Learn why you want to try it here!


  • Simple to use with intuitive interface.
  • Lightweight and powerful for recording video from your desktop.
  • Possible to record full screen or customized area with audio or system sound.


  • Free version can record up to 2 minutes without watermark only.
  • Lack of video editing features.
  • No annotation tools.

Download Aiseesoft free screen recorder now

Bottom line

Have you ever used the above mentioned HD Screen Recorders? I hope, yes! They can be the best screen recorders in screencasting industry at the moment from my point of view. I know that there are many other great programs out there. If you know any good software for recording computer screen, please share with me. If you find this post helpful, don’t hesitate to share it on your social network channel. Remember to follow us to receive more valuable post notifications in the future.

Good luck!



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