Best Free Screen Recorder For YouTube {Reviewed 2018}

Best free screen recorders for YouTube to record video with audio from computer’s screen.

It is no doubt to say that YouTube is the most favorite video sharing channel at present time. With millions of daily viewers, it has become the best place for company to share their hot news, product demos, how-to videos and many, many other things. In order to create such videos, you’ll a screen recording software/ screen recorder. The best screen recorder for YouTube often comes with a video editing program which allows you to cut, trim video and add annotations and more.

Recently, I wrote an article showing you how to record screen for YouTube by using ActivePresenter, a free screen recorder for Windows and Mac. It is a very detail post you should take a look. Go to that post!

In today post, I will share with you the best free screen recorders for YouTuber you can use to create a video from grabing your desktop’s screen with sound without watermark or video length limit. These powerful software can work on Windows, Mac and even Linux.

Best free screen recorders for YouTube 2018

1. ActivePresenter – Free

A must-try screen recorder for YouTube

ActivePresenter is the only free screen recorder that provides you free annotation tools and a feature rich video editor. While many other free screen recorders can only provide a screen capturing tool to record video, audio, webcam and simple drawing tools, they don’t often come with lots of advanced features like ActivePresenter.

Major features of ActivePresenter:

  • Recording video in full screen or customized region.
  • Taking screenshot easily.
  • Record webcam, audio and system sound.
  • Edit recorded video or existing video with cut, trim, crop, blur effects and some advanced features like Zoom-n-pan, text-to-speech, Chroma key.
  • Export video into AVI, MP4, WebM, MKV and HTML5.
  • No watermark, no time limit.

If you need to learn more about ActivePresenter, take a look at our full review here!

Download ActivePresenter 7 here

2. OBS Studio

The best open source screen recorder for YouTubers

OBS Studio is a free, open source screen recording software for YouTube that is trusted by millions of users. It is more and more popular all over the world because it is totally free and its features are simply wonderful. You can record screen in full screen, customized area, capture screenshot, add text, watermark to your video and save it or upload directly to YouTube. You can also use OBS Studio as a free streaming platform for broadcasting live on YouTube or Twitch. I can not find any disavantages of this free software except: it is complicated to set up your recording at the first time you use it. You can try it now or read my full review here!

3. Apowersoft Free online screen recorder

No download free screen recorder for YouTube that works professionally.

This is the best free screen recorder for YouTube and for the lazy guys. When you don’t want to download a program and install it on your computer, Apowersoft free online screen recorder is the best option you want to try. It is free to record your computer screen at high quality, webcam and edit recorded video and sharing directly to YouTube, Vimeo, Twitch and so on. It works on Mac. Windows, iOS and Linux. The recorded video quality is as great as ActivePresenter or OBS. Full review of this free screen recorder is here!

4. Bandicam – Simple to use game recorder for YouTubers

The most simple to use and powerful game recorder for YouTube (With watermark)

Actually, if you want to create a screencast or a tutorial video that requires to be edited such as: add text, add annotations…etc, you should not use Bandicam. It is the best free screen screen recorder for YouTube for some reasons:

  • Less lag while recording desktop screen and games.
  • Record unlimited length up to 7 days without stopping (AVI 2.0 OpenDML).
  • Record video with smaller size than other software.
  • Upload recorded file to YouTube without converting.
  • Real-time drawing function.

The downside of Bandicam is its Watermark on the recorded video in their free version. If you want to remove the watermark, you’ll need to buy Pro version which cost around $39 for 1 PC/ license. If you want to discover more about this software, take a look at our full review here!

5. Camtasia Studio 9 – The highest cost but most professional one

Professional YouTube video creators may want to use this software. It’s pricey but worth your money!

If the above mentioned free screen recorder can not meet your requirements in recording video for YouTube, you must take a look at Camtasia Studio 9. This is not a free screen recorder for sure. TechSmith offers 30 days trial for Camtasia Studio 9 for Windows and Mac users. After trial period, you’ll need to consider to purchase it at $199/ license. This is not a big deal if you look at what it brings to you. Our review is here. Here are the best of Camtasia Studio 9:

  • Record everything on your desktop including full screen, customized area, webcam, audio, system sound at highest quality.
  • Recorded video size is the smallest one.
  • This is the most stable software in video recording capabilities.
  • It has the most professional, simple to use video editor that millions of users are using to create tutorial videos, product demos and explainer videos.

What are some low cost screen recorders for YouTube?

1. Mirillis Action Screen Recorder – $29 – See it now!

Mirillis Action is a powerful, simple to use screen recording software you can trust. It has full functionality from recording screen video, record gameplay, take screenshot, record video from external device via USB or HDMI cable. Besides the basic features of a video-recording software, Mirillis Action offers more advanced features like Chroma key, live streaming and sharing features directly to YouTube and FaceBook.

2. Snagit 2018 – $49.95 – See it now!

Snagit review: it is yet a simple and powerful screen capture software and screen recorder which can run on Windows 10 and macOS X. It provides 15 days free trial and a great price at $49.95. By using Snagit to capture screenshot or video from desktop screen, YouTubers can create screencast video quickly and professionally.

3. Movavi Screen Recorder – $39 – See it now!

A great, low cost screen recorder for YouTube. If you are looking for a professional screen recorder for making tutorial video, product demonstration or recording Skype Calls, Webinar then Movavi screen recorder is a great choice. The price you need to pay after trial period is also very competitive: $39 for personal and $59.95 for business.

Bottom line

If you own a YouTube channel and want to attract more viewers, you’ll need to create and upload videos to your channel weekly to keep it alive. You can start by making screencast videos and upload them by these perfect free sreen recorders. Try them and share with me your experiences. I am always love to hear from you.

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Good luck!

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