Screen Recorder Review 2018

What is a screen recorder? What are must-have features of a good screen recorder? How many kind of screen recorder? Read this article.

Snagit-13-Capturing Window
Snagit 13 Capturing options

What is a screen recorder?

Screen recorder is a handy tool that allows you to record video with or without audio from your computer’s screen or your smartphone. It often comes with an audio recorder and a video or image editor. There are different type of screen recorders such as desktop screen recorder, online screen recorder and smartphone screen recorder and so on.

Online screen recorder V.S offline screen recorder

Online screen recorder is a web-based application which means you don’t need to download and install on your computer the whole package. However, you still need to download a small launcher to start the recording. Added to that, you’ll need an internet connection to use the application.

Offline screen recorder requires you to download and install on your computer. It usuaslly has more features than an online screen recorder. Added to that, the download package size is bigger than the said launcher. Once you downloaded and installed the program, you can use it without internet connection.

What are must-have features of a good screen recorder?

Looking at a screen recorder, you may wonder if it is good or not. In order to consider whether it is good or not, check out these must-have features of a good screen recorder:

  • Simple to use.
  • Record full screen or customized part in specific screen resolution.
  • Record audio and system sound or external device.
  • Record webcam.
  • Record cursor path, cursor overlay.
  • Take screenshot during recording.
  • Annotation tools.
  • Built-in video editor: cut, trim, crop, merge, split videos and so on.
  • Render video into various output formats or upload directly online.

Free online screen recorders

If you are looking for a free online screen recorder, you can try Apowersoft or AceThinker, the most powerful and free online screen recorder. Both applications have the same features such as recording high quality video in full screen or customized region with audio and webcam. They also provide a real-time drawing tool and a simple to use video editor too. It is also possible to upload recorded video to YouTube, Vimeo, Drop box or Google Drive.

Free offline screen recorder for Windows

Looking for more professional and free screen recorder to use for Windows? Try ActivePresenter, the best free screen recorder for Windows. It is possible to record full hd video in full screen or customized area with audio and system sound. You can also take screenshot during recording. Adding annotations, editing video are some bonus from this publisher. It is completely free to use. There are no watermark, no time limit on your recording too. This is one of 5 best no watermark free screen recorder.


Free screen recorder for recording gameplay and streaming?

Try OBS Studio! This is a free, open source screen recording software for recording video from your desktop including recording games. It can be used as a free live streaming platform for YouTube and Twitch. OBS Studio is more and more popular due to the fact that it is completely free and powerful.

OBS Studio interface
OBS Studio Interface

Best free screen recorders for Mac?

If you are Mac user, try either ActivePresenter or OBS Studio to record video and audio from your Mac’s screen. They are cross platforms programs. The features are exactly the same with Windows’s version.

Low cost and powerful screen recorders?

When all the above mentioned free programs can’t meet your demand, you may want to look at some professional screen recorder which has good price. Take a look at these below tools:

Mirillis Action screen recorder: This is one of the most professional screen recorder for recording video and audio from your computer. It is one of the most popular game recording software too. The price stands at $29.95 per license.

Action Video Recording - Region Mode
Action Video Recording: Region Mode

Snagit 2018: this is the most powerful and simple to use screen capture software. It has unique screen capturing tools and a simple to use video recorder. Although the price stands at $49.95 for new users, its unique features such as grabbing text, capturing scrolling page and ready-to-use annotations make it become the most desirable program in screencast industry.

Honest screen recorder review – Where & Why?

Elearning Supporter is no doubt the best place to read honest reviews about screen recorders. We test them every week. If the program is good, we will write a review about it. The review will be published on our website whether the developer has partnership with us or not.

If you find any name on this website, it means that the program had been carefully checked by our experts. 99% of them are safe to download and use.


Bottom line

Screen recorder doesn’t have to be a complicated program. It should be as simple as possible. If you know any good screen recorder, share with us here or via email. We’d love to hear from you. Don’t forget to follow us to receive more valuable post notifications in the future.

Good luck!


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