AceThinker Free Online Screen Recorder Review

AceThinker free screen recorder review – A simple to use, high quality screen recording software you can try.

Acethinker interface


Acethinker is a good and easy-to-use online free screen recorder for Windows, Mac, iPhone and iPad. Its user interface is relatively simple. It allows you to shoot full HD video (1080p) with webcam, audio and system sound as long as you like. The recorded video will not have a watermark. There are real-time drawing tools for annotating the screen while recording. But, they are too simple. There are only few types to use such as: rectangle, circle, arrow and a brush.

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Acethinker recording

Edit recorded video

Another advantage of this software is the ability to edit video before saving or upload it to YouTube. It also provides simple editing features like trim, crop, adjust brightness, saturation, video speed, adjust audio, insert subtitle and convert video to many different output formats.

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Detail features of free video editor in AceThinker

  • Add existed videos into editor and merge all video together work well in AceThinker.
  • Trim video: After choosing to edit video after recording, you are able to trim unwanted parts of your video easily. You can also add your existing video into the editor to edit or merge it with your recording to create one video file.
  • Crop video: You can crop video to a specific resolution easily as well as rotating video, flip video horizontally and vertically.
  • Adjustable: Video speed, volume, brightness, saturation and contrast can be adjusted easily.
  • Add watermark into your video in text format or picture is really simple. You can change font, color, size of the text and so on.
  • Add subtile in *.ass, *.saas, *.srt is possible.

Export/convert video and sharing options

Acethinker output optionsAceThinker offer many options for you to choose such as: Save recorded video as MP4, AVI, WMV, MKV ,MOV, FLV, MPEG, VOB and ASF; Create GIF file; Edit video; Upload to YouTube; Upload to Vimeo; Upload to Drop box; Upload to Google Drive. Of course, you will need to log in into your account if you want to share your video directly online.

The list of output formats when you choose Edit video option in AceThinker can make you overwhelmed. Take a look at the screenshot of various output formats in AceThinker at below pictures. As you can see, all popular output formats are here.


AceThinker Output format optionsAceThinker Output option1

Video rendering speed and final quality

I tested the video rendering speed of this software several times and was relatively satisfied with the results.

When testing AceThinker the first time, I have seen that the quality of recorded video is not as I expected. When I choose full screen recording mode with 1920 x 1080 resolution, the result is really bad. There is some thing worng with the pixels. And the resolution is relatively low. So, if  this is the first time you use this tool and the result is not good. Be patient to try it again by setting up the recording to Quality Priority as shown in below picture. I am sure that it will be much better.

AceThinker Settings

Bottom line

In terms of free online screen recorder features, I can say that Acethinker is one of the best ones in its lineup. However, in order to compare with other professional screen recorders like ActivePresenter or Camtasia it need to be improved a lot in the future.

If you like this software, try it for free here!

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