Top 5 Free Green Screen Software For Windows

Green screen software plays an important role in making movies, especially in editing video in Hollywood styles. There are many powerful green screen software available out there. However, they are not completely free. There are only few programs you can apply green screen effects to your video without purchasing a pro license. That’s what I come in today: Top 5 free green screen software for Windows 7/8x and Windows 10.

I suppose that you have in mind necessary steps to create a video with green screen effects. Let’s scan the most important things:

  • Initially, you’ll need to shoot a video with green/blue background. To do that, make sure that you have a video recorder such as your smartphone, Action Camera or professional DSLR and a green screen backdrop and kit. The first device is simple. The latter can be bought easily on Amazon. There are many cheap options you can choose.
  • Secondly, you also need a video editing software with green screen effects/ Chroma key.
  • Thirdly, spend some time to set up your studio to make sure everything in the frame is in a solid green/ blue. Adjust light condition to get better video quality.
  • Don’t understand how to edit video with a specific program? Don’t worry, you can learn how to apply green screen effect with popular video editing software right in this topic in the next paragraph.

That’s all you need to getting started!

Top 5 free green screen software for Windows 7/8x and Windows 10 32 Bit & 64 Bit

1. Filmora – Best Simple To Use Free Green Screen Software

Filmora is a simple to use video editor for both Windows and Mac. It has two different versions in fact. Both versions allows you to apply green screen effects to your video for free. The program comes along with intuitive interface, logical workflow that anyone can learn to use quickly. Despite the fact that Filmora is a free video editor with green screen effects, it still leave a watermark at the center of your video. To apply green screen effects in Filmora, please refer to below tutorial. Read full review about Filmora here!

Read the descriptions from Filmora’s home page here!

2. ActivePresenter – Perfect Free Green Screen Software for Training

ActivePresenter is no doubt one of the best free and powerful video editor with green screen effects. The program lets you add as many videos as you want to the timeline and help you apply the effects professionally. You can choose a color to remove from the video or pick the color at any point on the screen. You can also adjust it seamlessly. If you are trainers, educators or YouTubers, this is the right tool for you. Read more about ActivePresenter here!

Read this tutorial to know how to use green screen effects in ActivePresenter!

ActivePresenter Split Screen

3. VSDC – The most powerful free video editor with Green screen effect for Windows

VSDC is a wonderful product of Flash Integro. Millions of Windows users are creating how-to videos and product demos with VSDC free video editor. The program provides you with lots of basic and advanced video editing tools including Chroma key. I highly suggest you try VSDC if you are tired of watermarks at the center of the video like many other free video editors do. Read more review about VSDC here!. Please refer to below tutorial to learn how to use green screen effects in VSDC.

4. Shotcut – No.1 Free, Open Source Free Green Screen Software

Shotcut is a free and open source video editor with green screen effects. You can do many things more in Shotcut than only apply green screen such as cut, trim, crop video, add text, adjust color, filters and so on. Shotcut stands out from the crowd since it is completely free to use. There isn’t any feature restriction in this program. However, you’ll need to learn it yourself because there is not much support you can find online if you need to ask for tutorials. Read our review about Shotcut here!  

Learn how to use green screen effects in Shotcut from this tutorial

5. Lightworks 14 – Professional Film Makers would love this free green screen video editor!

Last but not least! Lightworks 14 is a super cool free video editor for making green screen video. If you don’t mind about the output limit at 720p, Lightworks 14 is the only option you’ll need to create stunning videos for any purposes. I’ve been using Lightworks 14 to create many short marketing videos for my YouTube channel for months now. Read my full review about Lightworks 14 here!

Okay! You have the tool now! Start downloading them and try it yourself. I’d love to hear you feedback about these programs. This article is open for discussion. Please share your experiences with us!

Good luck!


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