3 Effective Ways To Earn Money Online Every Student Should Know

Earning money online when you are a student is a great thing to support your learning career. In this article, I will share with you 3 ways to earn money online effectively when you are students.

When it comes to earning money online, people often think that they have to be 100% full time working. The fact is, you can earn money online even when you are a student so long as you have your basic knowledge about information technology, know how to use a computer and being passionate on earning money to support your learning. The point is how much time you can spend on your work and how much you want to earn. Is it easy? No, it’s not, but possible!

Effective Ways To Earn Money Online When You Are A Student
Effective Ways To Earn Money Online When You Are A Student

If you decided to join the community of online money makers, you should kick off the work right now as it is a time consuming procedure. You can’t start earning money right after setting up a website or a YouTube channel except you are already a famous person in your niche. In today’s post, I am going to share with you 3 effective ways to earn money online as a part time job when you are still a student (from my personal experiences).

3 Effective Ways To Earn Money Online When You Are a Student

1. Start your own blog

There are many ways to start making money on the internet, but the most effective way is to start your own blog (or website). When you are studying in the university, you can’t spend full time on a business, writing blogs is a the most flexible and effective way for you in my opinion. You don’t need to be worry about either working time or working place. It’s convenient for you to work anywhere, anytime you want to. All you need to do is to choose a topic that you love such as a favorite subject that you are studying or a hot technology trend in the world and write your own opinion.

How to earn money from your blog, you may ask? There are dozen of ways to earn money from your good traffic blog. These are 3 common ways to make money from your blog:

  • Earn advertising fee from Google Adsense, one of the most common ways to earn money from Google that professional bloggers are working with. For those of you who don’t know about this program, read this guideline.
  • Earn money from affiliate programs such as Avangate, One Network Direct, Amazon or Impact Radius. Elearning Supporter is a partner of these affiliate network. It’s easy to register to be a partner of these affiliate programs. You can check out yourself after setting up your own blog successfully.
  • Earning money from third party ads. Once your blog can generate good traffic, sellers will contact you to put their ads on your blog. It’s time to earn some money from displaying ads on your blog.

How to set up a new blog?

If you don’t know how to start your own blog, just following these simple steps to create a free blog (or website) with WordPress.com, the most famous free platform for personal blogging and business website in the world now (There are some other platforms to start such as blogger, Weely, Tumbrl and so on). But I will not go into detail about these platforms here because it gonna be a long discussion then.

  • Use your existing email account to register at WordPress.com site and follow their instruction to create your free website with their free plan package.
  • Once you have your account ready, think about the content you want to write and choose an appropriate domain name. You also need to choose a theme for your blog and customize it on your own. This is a time consuming work if you don’t have any knowledge about setting up a WordPress.com site. Luckily, there are many tutorials to help you available on the net. Important tips: Before starting to write any content on your blog, make sure that you are satisfied with your theme, appearance, blog menu, pages and so on.

How to write on your blog?

When your blog is ready to go. You’ll need to start writing content for it. There are various kind of content you can publish on your blog depend on the topic you chose. Commonly, professional bloggers often start with detail review of a certain product or services during the first three months. After that, they will start writing rating articles such as “Top…, Best…” in the industry they chose. Choosing how to to write is your own decision. Just to be sure that you don’t copy other people content and re-publish on your blog. Such kind of action can hurt either your reputation or your future development of your blog. Secondly, remember to keep in mind that every post/article/page on your blog has to be written in a form that is “good for SEO”. I’ve published a simple guideline about this issue couple months ago. Don’t be lazy, read it before you start typing anything!

5 Things to keep in mind about blogging

  • The topic you choose will decide what kind of visitor you can generate. If you are working on your own, don’t try to choose too common topics. Such kind of topic has very high competition.
  • Before writing a post, never forget to do “keyword research” to see how much traffic volume this post can generate in the future.
  • Don’t be distracted by tricks and tips of “Black Hat SEOERS”. Their tricks are double-edged sword which can either help you and hurt you.
  • Your new blog needs time to be indexed and ranked on Google search results. Don’t quite so fast! Be patient about what you are doing!
  • Don’t fool your readers/ visitors. Keep in mind that you are writing blog to help your readers with your knowledge and experiences. They are wise enough to recognize what’s wrong with your content. Don’t try to fool them. Just honestly raise your opinion by telling the truth.

2. Start your own YouTube Channel

Secondly, if you are not good at writing content, you can start your own YouTube channel to start making money online when you are student. There are many (maybe thousand) kinds of video you can publish on YouTube to earn money. The theory is quite as similar as starting your own blog. You also need an email account to register a channel on YouTube as well as joining an affiliate program to work. This is an example video you can publish to YouTube to earn money.

When creating videos for YouTube, one of the most annoying things is the Copyright problem. If you choose to re-up videos from other channels, you will be easily caught by YouTube because of their copyright policy. To get rid of these headache matters, I suggest you create your own videos by screencasting. Making screencasts from recording what’s happening on your desktop such as recording a how-to use a software or how-to play a game will definitely not violate YouTube’s copyright policy. As a student, I am sure that you have your own laptop (or a desktop), right! All you need is a professional screencasting software to start producing screencast videos. These screencasting programs are available in this post!

How to set up and customize your YouTube channel to make it stand-out of the crowd?

It’s exactly the same story when you setting up a blog. You also need to consider the same things. Let’s quickly going through what you need to do.

  • Register your YouTube channel is an easy step. You can follow any instruction on YouTube to have a YouTube channel with your gmail.
  • Customize your channel to make it stand-out. There are few small things you’ll need to set up on your channel before uploading your first video. Let’s make it as simple as possible because you can change all these settings anytime you want in the future.

Okay! Now your channel is ready to go. Let’s learn some tips to create amazing screencast videos that can generate a lots of traffic and shares.

5 Simple Tips Every YouTube Video Creator Must Know

  • Make a screencast video shorter than 3 minutes: If you pay a little attention, the videos attract many views on YouTube are often shorter than 3 mins, except movies or funny clips. People often expect to get a direct answer if they are searching for a “how-to” tip. Don’t try to create an all-feature-in-one video, just to be short.., and simple to follow.
  • Always write a good title and description. Let your audience know what’s inside your video through your title and description is the best way to drive more traffic. It’s good for video ranking too.
  • Don’t forget to create an attractive thumbnail image for your video. On the image, put your channel logo and something that is capable of stimulating curiosity.
  • Put like, share, comment and subscribe request at an appropriate place on your video. Don’t put too much pressure on your audience. They will subscribe to your channel if they like your videos. No need to ask again and again in the video.
  • Produce video everyday or every week, depending on your time. Keep publishing new videos will definitely help you get more visitors and higher ranking on video search result.

3. Become a Content Writer

Finally, the easiest way to earn money online when you are a student is to become a content writer if you want to quickly earn a small amount of money to support your learning career. Choosing to become a content writer, you don’t need to worry about setting up your own website or your own YouTube channel. All you need is to join freelancer forums, prepare a brief introduction about yourself, write some samples to convince people to hire you. Honestly, this is the simplest way but the money you can earn is not much.

Bottom line

When you are a student, your main assignment is to learn, not earning money. But it can be better to know a way to earn money without affecting you learning, right. These 3 effective ways to earn money online are our own experiences. If you have any question, don’t hesitate to contact us any time. Don’t forget to follow us to receive more valuable post notifications in the future.

Good luck!


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