5 Best Alternatives To Adobe Premiere Pro For Windows/ Mac

Looking for an alternative to Adobe Premiere Pro? Look no further! We’ve listed out top 5 best alternatives to Adobe Premiere Pro you can try on Windows/ Mac here. These programs have similar features and cheaper license price than Adobe Premiere Pro.

Adobe Premiere Pro
Adobe Premiere Pro is powerful but very pricey!

Adobe Premiere Pro is one of most powerful video editing programs we’ve seen on the market. The name is so famous that many people want to try it. However, it’s not the right tool for those of you who have limited budget because of its $19.99/ month subscription plan (That’s $239.88 per year). Added to that, Adobe Premiere Pro has many advanced features that you don’t even touch. In this post, we’ll share with you 5 video editing programs that you can use as a replacement of Adobe Premier Pro.

5 Best Alternatives To Adobe Premier Pro For Windows/ Mac

1. Magix VEGAS Pro – The Best Alternative to Adobe Premiere Pro

VEGAS pro is the first name I think about when choosing an alternative to Adobe Premiere Pro. This program comes in with powerful video editing features that are possible to go head-to-head to Adobe Premiere Pro in any aspect. The most important point is the license price. It’s way cheaper than Adobe’s software. Magix sets the license price for VEGAS Pro at $599 which is an affordable price when we consider all the included features. Take a look at this review to learn more about VEGAS Pro!

2. Camtasia 2018 – Best Alternative To Adobe Premiere Pro For Making Instructional Videos

For many people, making YouTube videos such as how-to tutorials, promotional marketing videos or online training videos are their target. For that purposes, you can use Adobe Premiere Pro to produce the content perfectly. However, there is another industry standard video editing program you can use instead. That’s Camtasia 2018, created by TechSmith. This high quality, powerful and professional video editing suite can satisfy even the hardest users. Camtasia has everything you need in one suite, better license price – $249/ lifetime. Read more about Camtasia here!

3. Filmora Video Editor – Best budget Alternative To Adobe Premiere Pro

Filmora Video Editor is one of the most simple to use and powerful video editing software for Windows and Mac we’ve reviewed. The program is intuitive enough for anyone to try. It’s a great alternative to Adobe Premiere Pro if you don’t have to add too many special effects in your videos. The programs comes along with a bunch of filters, text templates, transitions and fancy effects for common usages. Filmora license price is $59.95 lifetime only. That’s a huge different compare to $239 per year of Adobe’s software. By the way, cheap software means less features. You’ll have to accept that with such competitive price. Read more about Filmora Video Editor here!

Filmora Video Editor
Filmora video editor has all tools you need to edit videos

4. Davinci Resolve – Best Free Alternative To Adobe Premiere Pro

Davinci Resolve from Black Magic Design is as famous as Adobe Premiere Pro in editing films. It is powerful yet decent and no doubt the best free alternative to Adobe Premiere Pro on the market now. We’ve tested dozen of free video editing software so far. No other tools make us impressed like this amazing product from Black Magic Design. Surprisingly, this powerful program is completely FREE. If you have a high-end desktop with separated GPU, don’t wait to try Davinci Resolve! Read our detail review of Davinci Resolve here!

5. Lightworks

Lightworks is an award-winning video editing software that has been being used for creating Hollywood movies such as The King’s Speech or The Wolf of Wall Street and so on. It’s not doubt a great alternative to Adobe Premiere Pro for one reason. This powerful film editing suite is FREE to use. We have nothing to complaint about the features and the performance of Lightworks except its output limitation at 720p in free edition. If you want to export at higher resolution, you’ll need Lightworks Pro which comes in at $174 per year, half price of Adobe Premiere Pro. Read our review of Lightworks here!

Lightworks colour correction effecs
Lightworks Color Grading Tools

Bottom line

Frankly speaking, if you are using Adobe Premiere Pro for professional video editing work, we don’t recommend you to change to any of the above mentioned programs. However, if you just about to start your editing career, don’t hesitate to try our suggestions. If you like our post, don’t forget to share. Remember to follow us to receive more valuable post notifications in the future.

Good luck!


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