Screen Recorder No Watermark: 5 Tools You Haven’t Heard About!

When it comes to screencasting, capturing video on the screen with audio from the microphone and your webcam requires a screen recorder. There are many free screen recorders available on the market nowadays thanks to the development of technology in recent years. They are easy and handy tools you can use to record video, take screenshot on the screen to share with your friends and partners. However, most of them leave an annoying watermark on the captured videos without prior notice. That’s frustrated, right? Don’t worry! This article will solve your problems. I’ll cover 5 simple to use screen recorder no watermark to help you make your life easier. Let’s dive into the detail now!

5 Screen Recorder No Watermark You Can Use Completely Free For 2019

To help you select the right tool that suite your needs, I’ve picked 1 best tool for 1 purpose of use to help you make the decision easier. Read my suggestion after the name of each tool so that you don’t misunderstand what I am trying to explain here.

1. ActivePresenter – No watermark screen recorder for online training

ActivePresenter is one of the most simple to use yet powerful screen recorder no watermark I’ve tried in recent years. It’s a great tool for creating online training videos such as how-to tutorials, product demos or software simulations. ActivePresenter has stand-out features which many other simple screen recording software don’t offer such as advanced video and audio editor, smart annotation tools and many other extra functions that educators and teachers may love to use. To learn more detail about ActivePresenter, take a look at our careful review here!

To record video with ActivePresenter, watch this detail tutorial video.

Download ActivePresenter here

2. OBS Studio – Screen Recorder no watermark for game streamers

My next recommendation is OBS Studio, a free and open source screen recording software for Windows, Mac and Linux. This powerful tool is very helpful when you want to record and stream what you’re playing on the screen. It lets you capture video, take screenshot, add your logo, commentary, trim video and broadcast live on YouTube or Twitch. You can use OBS Studio completely free, no watermark, no time limit. It’s a little difficult to use OBS Studio for the first time. That’s not to mention the lack of technical support from the developers. But, when you overcomes the learning curve, you’ll get huge benefit from OBS. Read our detail review of OBS Studio here!

OBS Studio Recording Software
OBS Studio Recording Software

3. Apowersoft – Free Online Screen Recorder Without Watermark

If you often make screencast videos, you definitely need an offline tool like ActivePresenter or OBS Studio. What if you don’t want to install anything on your computer? That’s when free online screen recorder comes in. Apowersoft free online screen recorder is a web-based recording tool which does not require download or installation. It lets you record anything on the screen in full screen mode or fixed area, cut, trim your video, add shapes and text with real-time drawing tools. Once finished, you can export the recording into MP4, AVI or GIF. You can choose to upload the video directly on YouTube, Google Drive or Dropbox too. Using Apowersoft, your videos will not be watermarked too. Read more review of Apowersoft here!

4. VSDC – Free Screen Recorder No Watermark For Windows

If you are not happy with all the above mentioned tools, try VSDC free screen recorder if you have a Windows computer. Actually, VSDC screen recorder is a built-in tool inside VSDC Free Video Editor which is very popular in the world now. This free screen recorder is as easy to use as ActivePresenter I mentioned earlier. It also lets you edit recorded videos, add shapes, texts, images, background music as well video and audio effects too. Read our review of VSDC free screen recorder to learn more.

Download VSDC Video Editor & Screen Recorder Here!

5. FlashBack Express – No watermark screen recorder for Dual Screen Recording

Last but not least, I recommend you to use FlashBack Express when you want to record two monitor at the same time. This powerful and free screen recorder of Blueberry Software is the coolest tool I’ve ever used so far. It lets you record full HD quality video with your webcam, microphone and system sound without watermark or time limit. Other than that, FlashBack gives you various options to optimize your video quality such as file size limit, record-times notes, video codec as well as option to optimize the recording when you have an older PC. The only drawback of this program that prevented me from using FlashBack Express is the lack of video editing features in its free version and it doesn’t let you take screenshots. That’s it! to learn more about FlashBack Express, read our review here!

FlashBack Express lets you record both monitor at the same time.
FlashBack Express lets you record both monitor at the same time.

Bottom line

All the above mentioned programs are completely free to use without watermark or time limit. Each program has its pros and cons. Deciding to use which tool depending very much on your specific using cases. Try them yourself and share with me your opinion. I’d love to hear from you. If you like our post, comment and share it on your social media. Don’t forget to follow us!

Good luck!


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