VSDC Free Screen Recorder Review And Download Guide

VSDC free screen recorder must be one of the best free screen recorders in the world now. Record your desktop with audio from various external devices to make video tutorial and presentations. It is free, light weight, no watermark, no time limit. 

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Download VSDC Video Editor & Screen Recorder Here!

Our Review

VSDC Free Screen Recorder can be one of the best options for long screencast video, tutorial videos and presentation. Although the interface doesn’t look flashy like many others, but its features are above our expectations from a free software. Flash Intergo LLC is recieving the praise from Users around the world not only from this free screen recorder but also another great Free Video Editor that we reviewed last week. 

BTW, in VSDC Free Screen Recorder, you can not take screenshot and choose to record webcam are major disadvantages that we found during the test.


  • Simple interface with settings appear at the beginning.
  • Possible to record full screen, choose 2nd, 3rd or 4th screen to record.
  • Customize recording area is possible.
  • Setting desired output format for video in PCM or MPEG4 max. 30fps.
  • Choose to record audio from microphone or without audio.
  • Choose screen resolution.
  • Record mouse cursor, highlight, ..etc.
  • Enable drawing tools after start recording with: Shapes and annotations.
  • Create mouse position and key press tracking maps
  • End results are at high quality.


  • Lack of necessary video editing tools.
  • Can’t take screen shots.
  • Can’t record Webcam.
  • Not possible to upload video directly.
  • Cursor Overlay option does not seem to work.

Platform: Windows

Download size: 18.7 Mb 

Check this product and download here!

Latest Version: N/A

Our Reviewed date: 19 August 2017

Rating: 7/10.

Publisher’s Description

The program is intended for capturing desktop screenshots and creating video files of any format. You can capture the entire desktop or a specific area only. The software can record audio or voice from various external sound devices, such as a microphone or line in. That is why you can use this program to easily create video tutorials and presentations.

Saving videos to different video formats
The program can record video and audio using any codecs installed in the system.

Recording sound from various external devices
You can record sound and voice from various devices supported by the operating system, such as a microphone (for sound recording) or line in.

Support of drawing during video capture
During video capture, you can switch to the drawing mode at any time and use a pencil to mark an area of the captured video that can be used for creating a tutorial.

Possibility to create tips that will appear after mouse clicks or key presses
While recording a video, the program allows the user to highlight the mouse cursor position during clicks and add an audio effect to mouse click and key press events. This feature can also be used for creating video presentations and tutorials.

Possibility to create mouse position and key press tracking maps
The program creates a file that stores complete information about cursor movements, as well as mouse and keyboard presses. You can use this information in our video editor to create professional video tutorials and presentations featuring various video and audio effects.

VSDC Free Screen Recorder Tutorial

Bottom line

VSDC Free Screen Recorder is no wonder a good FREE recorder you want to try. Regardless of its pros we mentioned above, it deserve to have one position in the list of best free screen recorders at present time.

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Good luck!

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