How to Start and Grow a YouTube Channel in 2020?

YouTube is a great video sharing platform you can use to share your knowledge, experiences and so many things more. It’s also a good place to turn your passion into money. In this article, I will share with you my tips and tricks on how to start and grow a YouTube channel in 2020. These are the things that I’ve learned when trying to grow my own YouTube channel from 0 to 1000 subscribers and get it monetized on this platform. Check out my channel and subscribe if you’d like to watch video editing tutorial videos, screencasting tips and other stuff in my life from the link below:

Tip #1: Learn about Making Videos

Before you start a YouTube channel, think about how to make a video and publish on YouTube. Then, think about how to make a good quality video and publish on YouTube. It’s easy to learn as there are many useful tutorials on YouTube itself can teach you about this basic stuff. There are two things you need to consider here: make a video and make good quality video.

How to make a video?

Making a video is super easy. Everyone can make a video without learning anything. Just open the Camera app on your phone, hit the record button, stop it and share on YouTube. That’s how to make a video and publish on YouTube. What happens next? Here are some scenarios:

  • Nobody watch your video. It’s normal as you’ve just started a new channel, you may think!
  • Some people come to your channel and click away immediately because of the background noise of your video is so terrible.
  • Some others watch a few seconds and also click away because they don’t find it interesting enough to keep them continue to watch your video.

How to make a good quality video?

After publishing some videos on YouTube, you ended up realizing that no body want to watch your videos, no body want to subscribe to your channel. And you begin to panic. What’s wrong with your channel? Should you give up making videos for YouTube because it’s so difficult? Don’t worry! It’s all about your video quality. If you make better quality video, people will watch it no matter what it is about. There are over 7 billion people on this planet. Many of them watch anything they see on YouTube for nothing. Here are the tips on how to improve your video quality:

  • Improve the image quality by choosing the right lighting source. The first thing you need to learn is about 3 point lighting theory. It’s not too hard to learn. But, you will need to figure out what set up is best for you. If all you have is your smartphone and nothing more, you can sacrifice the image quality by using only 1 main lighting source. It can be anytime during the day outside your house. Remember that when shooting video inside your house, sitting next to an open windows is also a great, and free option to get the right lighting source. If you’re still wondering about lighting set up, watch below tutorial videos on one of my favorite YouTubers – Parker Wallbeck.
  • Improve your audio quality – Once you learned about lighting, there are some other things you’ll need to consider to make better videos. One of them is audio. If you record video with your smartphone and its built-in audio, you will hear terrible background noise whether you’re in the room, or outside. Removing background noise with software is a good solution. But, it takes more time to make a videos. I highly recommend you buy a lapel microphone, or a directional microphone to improve the quality of your audio. There are many different kinds of microphone on the market, choose one that suite your need and budget. You don’t have to purchase an expensive microphone when getting started on YouTube. This Rode VideomicGo ($68 on Amazon) is a good one to buy.
  • Improve your video structure – Once you knew how to improve image and audio quality, it’s time to think about your video structure to make it really standout. Basically, YouTube videos, or any other kind of video must has a story behind it. You don’t have to make a YouTube video like a Hollywood movie, but you must tell your viewers what they’re going to watch, what they are going to learn in your video instead of messing around without showing anything. All in all, you need to write down your video structure, tell your story, lets your audience know what they’re going to watch. Don’t just put garbage on your channel.

Tip #2: Learn about Editing Videos

Editing videos is not too difficult to learn. It’s supper easy to get the basic understanding about editing videos. All you need to know is how to import your footage into the library, how to cut, how to trim, how to add background music etc. It’s super easy when it comes to making YouTube videos. So, I highly recommend you getting started by learning about editing videos with the video editing software you selected. Once you’ve gained some knowledge about editing videos, the capability of the software you’re using, you will be able to shoot better videos.

Being noticed that video editing software programs are not created equally. Professional video editing software programs have everything you need to make videos, but they are expensive. Other cheaper video editing programs often lack of important features. It’s worth to spend your time figure out which video editing software is right for you first. Here are some resource on my website for you to read:

Take a look at my tutorial about Filmora 9 in this video to see if it’s right for you. In my opinion, Filmora 9 is a great video editing software for making YouTube videos:

Tip #3: Being Consistency

Choosing to become a YouTuber, you will have to learn about YouTube’s algorithm to see how this platform works. One of the most important things you’ll need to focus on is being consistency. You need to publish videos on your channel regularly. Never stop publishing new videos for any reason. Being consistency will help you channel alive, get more views and subscribers, especially when you’re just starting out. As far as I know, YouTube has the algorithm to promote content creators who are working hard on their platform than others. That’s not an official information from YouTube. But, in my case, being consistent helped my channel grow faster.

If you’re wondering how many videos you should upload, take my advice, upload as many as you can. YouTube does not have any limitation on how many videos you can upload daily yet. Uploading videos is your choice. Just make sure that you always upload good quality videos on your channel to keep your audience engaging.

On my channel, I’ve been uploading 2-3 videos daily. It’s a good strategy for you to use on your new channel. I normally make software tutorial with background music, voice-over and screen recording. It does not require too much time to make a video of this kind. You can try if you want. Here is an example of tutorial video I created in about 2-3 hours.

Tip #4: Focus on Title – Thumbnail and Description

Whatever kind of content you’re going to publish, make sure that you write a related title, design an impressive thumbnail and write video description carefully. If you watch some videos on my channel, you will easily figure out that I often add important keywords at the title, thumbnail and in the video description all the time. I want to lets my audience know what they’re going to watch, or learn from my videos. Here’s an example of how you can create an awesome thumbnail with a video editing software on my channel.

Tip #5: Watch More Videos On YouTube

Last but not least, I highly recommend you spend your time watching videos on other YouTube channel to learn how they’re making videos, how they grow on this platform, and most importantly, how you can apply their tips and tricks to make your video better. Each industry will exist a channel that is stand out of the crowd. Subscribe to their channel, watch their videos carefully. I believe that you will be able to learn something from there. As a beginner here on YouTube, I highly recommend you subscribe Nick Nimmin, one of the best YouTube trainers I’ve seen. His channel is down below:

Bottom Line

These are 5 important tips to help you start and grow a YouTube channel in 2020 from my perspective. You may agree, or disagree with the information in this post. By the way, I hope you’re learned something from here. If you need any further advice from me, a small and growing YouTuber, leave your comments down below or send me an email.


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