How To Share Your Knowledge Online?

On a good day, you feel responsible for sharing the knowledge you have learned, the practical tips and tricks you have experienced on a subject, a job that you believe is useful. Such practical sharing will help the latter to avoid making the same mistakes as you did. Here’s how you can get started.

Share your knowledge and experience online can help others!
Share your knowledge and experience online can help others!

1. Start with a blog or a website (They have the same meaning)

In this world, it’s very common that you have a blog to write about anything you love. This blog is connected to your social channels such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Once you publish an article on your blog, it will be shared automatically on other channels easily. To build a blog or a website to share your knowledge is not necessary difficult. You can choose a popular platform like WordPress, Weebly or Blogspot to getting started. All these platform are free to register. For your information, this website is built on platform. Once you have successfully built your own blog, just start to write. There are many advantages of writing blogs, by the way, we can discuss in another article. Register an account on here!

2. Start Your Own YouTube Channel

Videos are effective ways to share your knowledge online after writing blogs. If you have some basic video editing skills, you can start your own channel now. Getting started on YouTube is really easy. With your smartphones (or a DSLR) and a free video editing program, you can produce a complete YouTube show yourself in minutes.

3. Build an online course and share

If you don’t want either build a blog or start your own YouTube channel, you can choose to build an online course and share it on specific learning management systems that lets others access it and learn.

The bottom line

These are 3 most popular and effective ways you can try to share your knowledge online now. Each method has advantages and disadvantages. Which is your favorite one? We’d love to hear your opinion at the comment section. Don’t forget to follow us to receive more valuable post notifications in the future!

Good luck!






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