5 Best Free Screencast Software For Successful YouTube Channels

Looking for free screencast software for your YouTube channel? Look no further! Here are 5 best free screencast software for creating YouTube videos professionally at no cost you can try. The most powerful and reliable free screencasting software for recording your computer’s screen, editing and annotating recorded video and share them on YouTube. 

The world has changed a lot over the years with the growth of online video sharing channels, especially the popularity of YouTube. More and more people are making videos from computer screens and uploading them to YouTube to make money from advertising. In addition, large companies are also focused on building and developing their brand through this increasingly popular online video sharing channel.

Creating and sharing videos on YouTube is extremely easy if you have a powerful and professional video recording tool. It’s better free and easy to use. In today’s article, I will introduce to you top 5 best free screencast software for creating and uploading video to your YouTube channel at no cost. They are not exactly the same with my previous topic, written in early 2017.

Top 5 Best Free Screencast Software For a Successful YouTube Channel

1. ActivePresenter

The most powerful and professional YouTube tool is Activepresenter. This is a totally free tool, works with Windows and Mac. It allows you to capture high-quality video with voice-over, no watermark insertion, unlimited recording time, built-in video editing tools like trim, crop, join, merge clip and so on. . For those who have used ActivePresenter to create video tutorials or product demos will know that it has more great things than just those features. >>Read more…

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2. OBS Studio

OBS Studio is the second free screencast software I would recommend you to try. This is a free, open source software and has all the necessary features for screen recording, screenshots, editing and uploading to YouTube easily. OBS Studio is one of the most popular software for YouTuber as it has more and more new features. With OBS Studio, it takes a while to learn how to use it and get familiar with a completely different interface than conventional video capture software. In return, after being familiar with it, you will be extremely satisfied with what it brings to you. Like ActivePresnter, OBS Studio has no watermark, no time limit on your recordings. Read more..

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3. Apowersoft free online screen recorder

If you do not want to download and install free screencast software on your computer because of the fear of viruses or malwares, there is a free, online option for you. That’s Apowersoft free online screen recorder. This is a good choice for you to create and edit videos and upload them to YouTube for free. Read more in our review…

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4. Acethinker

Acethinker is a good and easy-to-use online free screencast software for YouTube, works on Windows, Mac, iPhone and iPad. Its user interface is relatively simple. It allows you to shoot full HD video (1080p) with webcam, audio and system sound as long as you like. The recorded video will not have a watermark. There are real-time drawing tools for annotating the screen while recording. But, they are too simple. There are only few types to use such as: rectangle, circle, arrow and a brush. Uploading directly your videos to YouTube, Vimeo is a great option in this software. This is a tool with similar features to Apowersoft. Read more…

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5. Bandicam

Finally, take a look at Bandicam if you don’t mind either the watermark on your recordings and its shortage of video editing tools. Bandicam is one of the best free screencast software for recording gameplay that many YouTubers are using to record their game and upload to YouTube. There are 4 options for you to choose in Bandicam. Read more…

Bandicam Game mode recorder

Bottom line

If you are not satisfied with the above mentioned free screencast software for YouTube, take a look at more professional screencast software in this article. If you have any question about these software, don’t hesitate to contact me any time. Remember to follow us to receive more valuable post notifications in the future.

Good luck!


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