How To Make Tutorial Videos

Making tutorial videos from photos or videos with background music doesn’t need to be struggle. Find out how to make your own tutorial videos professionally in this article.

Video has become one of the most effective ways to show your customers how to use your products or attract more customers to buy make purchasing decision when they had spent some time trying your products or services. In order to create a professional tutorial video, you’ll need powerful tutorial video makers such as ActivePresenter or Camtasia Studio 9 whether you are using Windows or Mac.

A professional tutorial video has to be direct to the point. It has to be simple to follow too. Since the customers will not spend hours learning how to use a small feature of your product. Normally, the most effective tutorial video is about 2-3 minutes length since your customers are normally short of patience to watch a long, boring video. In today’s post, we will give you some special tips on how to make tutorial videos from photos or videos with background music quickly and professionally in ActivePresenter 7.

How To Make Tutorial Videos With ActivePresenter 7

ActivePresenter 7 is one of the most powerful free tutorial video makers in the world now. It has all tools you need to create how-to videos, product demos and software simulations. It is quite simple to create a professional tutorial video in ActivePresenter. Firstly, you’ll need to download and install the program on your computer. It will take approximately 5 minutes from start to finish. Download ActivePresenter here.

Option 1: Making a tutorial video from screencasting

Screencasting is a digital recording of your computer’s screen with voice over. You can easily make a tutorial video from screencasting in AcitivePresenter 7 since it allows you to record full HD video from your computer’s screen with audio or system sound. After recording, you can cut out unwanted parts; add texts and annotations to your video in its built-in editor quickly. On the interface, take the following actions:

  • Blank Project: The program will create a new blank project where you add your existing videos, photos to the editor or record a new video from your computer screen. In the editor, go to Slide-> Record Video to start creating your tutorial from screencasting.
  • Record video: Go to the recording toolbar directly from the interface. When you finish recording, the program will automatically open its video editor so that you can trim unwanted parts and add your annotations to the video.
ActivePresenter 7 Interface
ActivePresenter – The best free tool to add annotation to videos and images

Option 2: Making a tutorial video from PowerPoint Slides

As you can see on the interface, the feature Import PowerPoint Slide will let you capture your own PowerPoint slide to edit in ActivePresenter’s editor. You can import slides as project background or objects. Once you’ve finished, export your project into various video formats for uploading to YouTube or share with your customers.

Import Slide ActivePresenter 7

Option 3: Making a tutorial video from photos and videos on your computer

If you already have photos and videos on your computer, you can create your own tutorial video in just a few minutes with ActivePresenter 7. It is so easy that anyone can do professionally. At the interface, create a Blank Project-> Slide -> Import Image to insert all of your photos into the editor. If you want to add videos into the editor, choose Annotation-> Video-> From file.. When you finished, export your project into MP4, AVI, MKV or WebM.

Making tutorial from photos and videos ActivePresenter

That’s how to make tutorial videos with ActivePresenter 7. It is simple, right? If you want to learn more about ActivePresenter, take a look at our full review here!

Bottom line

So, you have walked through how to make an amazing video tutorial with ActivePresenter. It’s easy, isn’t it? Whenever you commit yourself to have an information-rich and engaging video, pick ActivePresenter up and let’s get started. Don’t hesitate to email us if you need any support and kindly share with us your wonderful works created with ActivePresenter.



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