TechSmith Snagit 2018 Full Tutorial – What’s New

TechSmith Snagit has a long history of being the best screen capture and video recording software for decade until now. Its new release Snagit 2018 inherits great features of Snagit 13 and updates new breakthrough features such as: Grab text, Move object, Back ground Auto-fill and more.

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It has been two weeks ago when TechSmith launched their release information of Snagit 2018, many bloggers, experts and journalists started writing about What’s new in Snagit 2018 with a lot of praise. I also consider to write a review on this amazing software too. However, at the last minutes, I decided to do something different than following the crowd to write good things about it.

In this post, you are able to learn how to use Snagit 2018 from TechSmith’s newly uploaded tutorial videos. They are really simple to follow. If you want to read our full review about Snagit 13, click here! Keep in mind that Snagit is not a free screen capture software. You can only try it in 15 days.

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TechSmith Snagit 2018 full tutorial videos – What’s new?

1. How to capture screen quickly in Snagit 2018

This is a tutorial video from TechSmith showing you how to capture your screen quickly.

2. How to record screen video in Snagit 2018

In this tutorial, you can learn how to capture your screen with audio and edit it in Snagit 2018’s editor.

3. Grab text – Text Capture

This is one of the most interesting updates of TechSmith in this software: Grab text.

4. Smart move or Moving object in your screenshot

Snagit 2018 not only allows you to take screenshot but also moving object in the picture and replace text in the screenshot too.

5. How to edit screenshot in Snagit 2018’s editor

6. Working with Selection Tool in Snagit 2018

7. Quick Style Themes in Snagit 2018

8. Using the translation work flow in Snagit 2018

9. How to create an animated GIF in Snagit 2018

10. Capturing a scrolling page – Scrolling capture in Snagit 2018

11. Panoramic Capture

12. How to share your media in Snagit 2018

I will continue to update new tutorial video for this software for you to read/ watch here in only 1 page. That’s would be better to go to YouTube and waste your time watching something else. Anyway, TechSmith has a great official YouTube channel which you may want to subscribe for new uploaded video notifications.

Bottom line

Although TechSmith Snagit 2018 has revolutionary updates in comparison with Snagit 13 and the cost to update from Snagit 13 is only $24.95 and new license cost is $49.95. From my point of view, it is a good price for those who often work with hundred of screenshots everyday. However, if you want to get some other free alternatives to Snagit, take a look at our previous post.

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Good luck!

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