3 Powerful Instructional Design Software To Develop High Impact E-Learning Content

Instructional design software or e-learning authoring tools are useful tools you can use to develop a high impact e-learning course whether you have prior e-learning development experience or not. Looking for an instructional design software tool? Read this article to get an appropriate program for you.

3 Best Instructional Design Software
3 Best Instructional Design Software

Today, it’s not difficult to find some good instructional design software tools to start developing your first e-learning course. It’s easy as a piece of cake because of the available tools over the net. However, to choose the right tool that can help you design your courses effortlessly is a little bit tricky. That’s what I come in today.

Let’s dive into the detail now!

3 Powerful Instructional Design Software To Develop High Impact E-Learning Content

1. ActivePresenter

ActivePresenter is a professional and all-in-one instructional design software you can use to create high impact e-learning courses with dozen of unique features. With ActivePresenter, you can start developing your e-learning course from scratch or import your existing content from PowerPoint easily. Compare to other e-learning software, ActivePresenter has lowest license price – $399 lifetime and can be downloaded for free. It includes various kind of interactions, animations, quizzes, video editing tools, screen recording tools and more. As a professional instructional design software, ActivePresenter allows you to export your project in SCORM 1.2 or 2004, xAPI Tin Can which is supported by many modern LMSs. To learn more about ActivePresenter, read this review!

Download ActivePresenter here

Take a look at this introduction video to see how it works.

Here are some e-learning courses that can be created with ActivePresenter.

2. iSpring Suite

iSpring Suite is an easy to use instructional design software that can help you creating e-learning courses in PowerPoint (as it is an add-in of PowerPoint). The program includes various kind of interactions and quizzes like ActivePresenter and work on Windows and Mac too. With iSpring Suite, you are also able to register for a complete package, including character library, technical support service and its LMS (iSpring Learn), not just an authoring tool. If you are familiar with using PowerPoint, iSpring Suite is a good option to go. Anyway, its license price is what you have to consider prior to think about trying it – That’s $770 per license for the authoring tool only and $940 per year for all-in suite. Take a look at below introduction video to see how iSpring Sutie works.

3. Articulate Storyline 3

When it comes to e-learning, many people recognize the name Articulate as it is one of the most famous e-learning software in the industry. That’s not to mention a very crowded community of users, talking about this software now. The most powerful product of Articulate is Articulate 360 which is a combination of Storyline 360, Articulate Rise, Content Library and Articulate Review. However, the tool I recommend you to use for developing your first e-learning course is Articulate Storyline 3, a stand-alone authoring tool of Articulate. Because it has all necessary tools to create high impact e-learning content at lower price than the above mentioned suite. Take a look at this review to learn more about it.

See the differences between Articulate 360 vs Storyline 3 from this video.

Which software should you use?

Frankly speaking, choosing an instruction design software is not a simple task. You’ll need to consider many things such as your required features, its license prices, your hardware compatibility and so on. As a software reviewer, we only want to recommend the best suitable tools for you. You’ll have to try it yourself to decide if it meets your requirements or not. If you have any question about these software, don’t hesitate to ask us any time you want. We’d love to help!

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Good luck!







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