Camtasia 2019 Screen Recorder Review, Pros and Cons

Camtasia is a handy, useful program when it comes to screencasting. The new Camtasia 2019 offers a wide array of new features that help trainers create online training videos faster. Camtasia screen recorder is an important parts of this program, out of its simple to use video editing tools.

Camtasia single license is $249 per lifetime which is not expensive, compare to what the software offers. It’s worth the money you paid.  Click here to purchase Camtasia with 10% Off embedded discount coupon code!

Here is everything you need to know about Camtasia 2019 screen recorder, review, pros and cons.

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Camtasia Screen Recorder Review

Camtasia screen recorder is a built-in tool of Camtasia video editing suite, which you can easily pull out this screen recorder once you finished the installation of Camtasia on your computer.

Camtasia Screen recorder
Camtasia Screen recorder

Camtasia Screen Recorder Usability

Firstly, Camtasia screen recorder is one of most simple to use screen recording software I’ve tried. During the past two years, I’ve reviewed a large amount of free & paid screen recorder software, some of them are very complicated to use. With Camtasia, all you need to do is open the program, select a capture mode-> turn on webcam, and audio recording ->and hit REC button. That’s is a huge time saving procedure of this program.

Secondly, the program also gives you a bunch of customize settings such as adding annotations, system stamp to your recording, customize stop/start hotkey, adjust audio level, webcam’s lighting condition and so on.

Camtasia Screen Recorder Workflow

It’s slightly different compare to other simple screen recording applications you see on the market. What other screen recorders often do is when you stop the recording, a video file will be created. You don’t have to render it again.

With Camtasia screen recorder, when you hit stop recording button, you will be redirected to the editor, where you cut, trim unwanted parts of the recording, add annotations (call-outs) to your recording. And finally, export your recording into video format. That’s when your work is done! This means you will need double your time to finish your recording if you use Camtasia screen recorder. I personally like this workflow, as I can edit my recording afterward.

Camtasia Workflow

Camtasia Screen Recorder Performance

I’ve tested Camtasia screen recorder in different scenarios such as record full screen desktop, record a software tutorial, record a streaming movies on YouTube and so on. All these intended use work fine with Camtasia. The program uses minimum resource to give you high quality recording.

Well, there is an exception. When I tried to use Camtasia for recording a game-play, it seems not work perfectly. Many frames are dropped, and the quality is very bad. Maybe, it is not designed for game recording, I think!

Camtasia Screen recorder Performance
Camtasia Screen recorder Performance

Camtasia Screen Recorder Pros and Cons


  • Double screencasting time.
  • Expensive license price.
  • No free version, only 30 days trial.


  • Simple to use.
  • Lightweight.
  • Has everything you need to record your computer screen.
  • Built-in video editing tools with load of annotations, animations, and callouts.
  • High speed video rendering machine.
  • Capable of record screen and webcam simultaneously.
  • Possible to adjust mouse cursor effect.

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The Bottom Line

Camtasia screen recorder is a powerful program for screencasting. It’s highly recommended for professional trainers, and elearning designers. It’s an ideal solution for those of you who want to create video-based training courses.

If you are using Camtasia screen recorder, share with me your own experiences about this program. I would love to hear from you.

I hope you enjoy the article! Don’t forget to follow us to receive up-to-date information of our new articles.

Good luck!


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