3 Best Screen Recorder To Record Video On PC

Screen recorder is a useful computer program you can use to record video and take screenshot on your personal computer. There are many good screen recorders out there to test. However, not all of them are created equally. If you don’t intend to record video from your PC on daily basic, you don’t need the best screen recorder because of the availability of many free screen recorders out there to help you get the thing done effortlessly.

In this post, I’ve compiled a list of 3 best screen recorder to record video on your PC. These programs are decent yet powerful in video recording work. They are totally worth to use, not because of the name but its performance I’ve tested.

Before diving into the details, It’s worth to make everything clear about the essential features of a good screen recorder right? I am not going to list out every feature of a screen recorder here, just the most common ones.

  • Record video from the screen: This is no doubt the most important feature in a good screen recorder that you’re looking for, right? I don’t need to explain about this feature since without video recording feature, a software will not be named screen recorder.
  • Record narration: Despite the fact that almost every screen recorder has a record audio button, you’ll need to look deeper into this feature. Good screen recorders often let you record narration from your system (system sound) and the audio from output devices such as your microphone. Added to that, double check it the audio file is separated from the video track or not. It’s important since you may want to delete and replace the audio after you’ve finish the recording in later steps.
  • Record screen in different applications: I am talking about screen recording options. Before you start your recording, you may want to record the screen in full screen, customized area or just a locked application on the your PC. That’s horrible if a program can’t offer you these options, especially in this 21st century.
  • Record your webcam: Don’t you know that most of modern PC can be attached with a webcam, and it is a must-have function on every laptop nowadays. Not all screen recorder has webcam recording function, but the best ones always have such integration.
  • Edit recorded video: Gone are the days we had to use one-feature-program like Camstudio. This is the time of all-in-one suite. A good screen recorder is often a part of a video editing suite which allows you to do many things more with your recorded videos such as slice, trim, crop, zoom and pan or add annotations to the video.

Okay! That’s some simple stuff. Let’s take a look at the list now!

3 Best Screen Recorder To Record Video On PC

1. Camtasia

Released a decade ago, TechSmith Camtasia has been one of the most powerful and professional screen recorders that is trusted by millions of users all over the world. It’s no doubt to be no.1 screen recorder to record video your PC whether you are professional video creators or casual users. The best part of Camtasia is obviously its screen recording tools which let you record video in full HD quality with system sound or audio from the mic. It’s great to produce streaming video with your webcam too. Together with recording tools, Camtasia is also integrated with an intuitive and powerful video editing suite for polishing your recordings to produce more instruction video content too. Learn more about Camtasia here!

Camtasia Studio 9 Recording tools
Camtasia Screen Recorder

 Best Features

  • Simple and intuitive user interface.
  • Record screen in full HD quality in full screen, custom area with your webcam and audio.
  • Simple to use with built-in effect and annotation tools.
  • Powerful video editor with basic and advanced tools include Chroma key, color and audio adjustment.
  • Great technical support from leading company.

Good For

  • Creating how-to tutorials, professional training videos and online training courses in videos.
  • Making product demonstration and software simulations.


  • Free trial in 30 days only. No free version.
  • Pricey compare to other similar video editing suite. ($249 per license)

Download Camtasia 30 Days Trial

2. ActivePresenter

ActivePresenter is another all-in-one screen recorder you can use to record video on your PC for professional work. It has the same features with Camtasia plus dozen of advanced and unique features that you use completely free. However, the best part of ActivePresenter is not its screen recording tools but its advanced video editing suite and e-learning authoring tool. With ActivePresenter, you can create complete online training courses in video formats or HTML5 and upload to YouTube or LMS (Learning Management System). Learn more about ActivePresenter here!

ActivePresenter 7 Interface
ActivePresenter – The best free tool to add annotation to videos and images

Best Features

  • Simple to use and intuitive interface for those of you who are familiar with Microsoft PowerPoint.
  • Record full high definition video on your PC in full screen, customized parts and a locked application with your webcam, audio and system sound.
  • Built with tons of annotation tools and special effects, animations for producing interactive video content.
  • High quality and great performance video editor.
  • Free to use for personal purposes.
  • Has advanced e-learning authoring tool for creating fully responsive learning courses for professionals.

Best For

  • Producing YouTube videos, how-to tutorials, product demos and software simulations.
  • Creating responsive e-learning projects.
  • Making online training video courses.
  • Producing tutorial video for games and software.


  • Record games in high FPS is not as smooth as other professional game recorder.

Download ActivePresenter

3. Movavi Screen Capture Studio

When it comes to screen recording suite, we always love to use all-in-one programs like ActivePresenter or Camtasia, and Movavi Screen Capture Studio is another great tool we’ve reviewed recently. If you have prior experience with Movavi’s products, you’ll recognize that most of them are very simple to use. The story is the same with Movavi Screen Capture Studio. Movavi had combined their 2 best products into one suite (screen recorder and video editor) to give their customer a chance to purchase this suite cheaper than purchasing separately. This is a good up-sale tactic I think. In brief, this screen recording suite has everything you need to produce any kinds of video content you want to. This is not a free program. You can try it within 7 days as trial with watermark on your output like Camtasia. To remove it, you’ll have to upgrade to premium license. To learn more about Movavi Screen Capture Studio, read here!

Movavi Screen Capture Studio 9 interface
Movavi Screen Capture Studio User Interface

Best Features

  • Record screen in high quality, record audio and webcam separately.
  • Save your recording as video file or edit it with built-in simple to use video editor.
  • Tons of effects, filters, transitions and annotations.
  • Has advanced video editing tools such as Chroma key, video stabilization, Blur, zoom and pan and so on.

Best For

  • Producing YouTube videos.
  • Making promotional videos, music movies or vlog.


  • No free version. Watermark appears on the output.
  • Poor technical support as we expected.

Try Movavi Screen Capture Studio 7 days

So, these are 3 best screen recorder suite we suggest you to try to record video on your PC. Let’s us know your thoughts in the comment section. If you need any further assistant, don’t hesitate to contact us any time.

Good luck!



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